Love/Loathe: Boat Shoes

I know that I can't be the only girl that feels a little sartorially confused about certain things when it comes to beauty,design, and fashion- do I "love" it, or do I "loathe" it? I decided to start a little blog series to ask for  help deciding these style conundrums- tell me if you love or loathe this style in the comments! 
to buy: top, bottom

Sperry Topsiders are a preppy wardrobe staple, but I've met plenty of girls that call them "grandpa shoes." I personally have the top pair, and I quite like them- they are comfortable and a great alternative to flip flops (not my fave) in the summertime. So, girls, do you love or loathe these classic shoes? Would you wear them? 


  1. I ADORE Sperrys! So cute.
    xo Josie

  2. I think it really depends on the style and where you wear them. If you wear them only for comfort, I say any pair is good because comfort, especially in the heat of the summer, is really important.
    HOWEVER, I think boaters as a fashion statement can be cute, but only if they're a little more delicate/light, not clunky like the original version :).
    - Laura S

  3. i LOVE sperrys! i just got a pair for my birthday, and i've been wearing them nonstop. for girls i like the ones with the shorter top part to give them more of a "flats" look.

  4. Ha. I love this series idea! I have lots of things I'm on the fence about. These being one of them!