The Icon: Grace Kelly

No list of style icons would be complete without the inimitable Grace Kelly. The Hollywood starlet turned Princess of Monaco lived the life that little girls dream of until her tragic death in a car accident. If I had to choose one word to describe her style, it would be glamorous. Whether Grace Kelly was wearing a ball gown or sunnies and a trench coat, the princess always looked stylish. You know a woman deserves the title "style icon" when Hermes names a bag after her, the Hermes Kelly bag, which she carried faithfully and used to help cover up her pregnancies from paparazzi's lenses. Grace Kelly's wedding dress also  inspired Kate Middleton's wedding gown over 50 years after her marriage- the very definition of "timeless" dressing. Here are a few of my favorite Grace Kelly style moments.


  1. YES. I love her. She was always so poised and chic.
    xo Josie