Surprises and Snow in Charlottesville

I had the craziest, most fun weekend I've had in a long time this weekend! On Friday, I answered the door to our apartment, expecting a FedEx package that Brett had told me would be dropped off that morning. And when I opened the door, one of my oldest and best friends, Meggie, was standing in front of me! She and Brett had been conspiring on this little surprise trip since August- and I literally had no idea the entire time! Very sneaky!

We had quite the adventure this weekend- we showed Meggie our little town and hit some of our favorite restaurants and places.

Meggie happens to be an amazing photographer (check out her blog here- I helped her with the design!) and she had a new lens shipped to us earlier in the week that she had ordered- Brett told me it was part of a gift he was giving me soon, ha! She took a ton of amazing photos over the course of the weekend.

Some photos were of random things...

And she managed to snap plenty of Brett and me, as well... 

And Brett took some of Meg and I...

 We visited Monticello...

And had a little snowstorm, (the weather the day before was warm and sunny!) which made Charlottesville look absolutely magical....

 All in all, it was a pretty perfect weekend, and I'm so glad Meggie came to visit! I'm so lucky to have her as a friend. 


  1. Love you girls! So good to see you together!! I hope all is well, Brookelyn. Miss you. xo, Kadie

  2. Brookelyn, I had such an amazing time this weekend! I cannot wait to relive the whole weekend when I edit all the photos! Love you and miss you already!

  3. Aw what a fun surprise!!! :) Hope you girls had fun!

  4. What a GREAT surprise! I'm thrilled that you got to spend some time together!
    xo Josie