I know that I can't be the only girl that feels a little sartorially confused about certain items- do I "love" it, or do I "loathe" it? I decided to start a little blog series to ask for  help deciding these style conundrums- tell me if you love or loathe this style in the comments! 

I've seen  Isabel Marant's "Dicker" boot all over style blogs and magazines the past few months, as well as countless similar iterations that tend to be easier on one's wallet. I've oscillated back and forth on whether I absolutely love these, or thinking that  the style looks like an unfortunately beheaded cowboy boot. At the moment, I think I'm in the "love" camp, but that's likely to change again! If you love  the "Dicker" but want something a little more budget friendly, check out Steven's "Pembroke" for under $100.

So, what camp are you in? Love or Loathe?


  1. i'm sorry to say I'm a loather. I don't think these are particularly flattering on anyone. I'd much rather a full height cowboy good then this beheaded version :)

  2. i like the second ones!
    just found your blog, now following :) look forward to reading more here!


  3. I love them! And you found a perfect match.
    xo Josie

  4. I like the second pair better than the first! :)

  5. I love the first shoes because i feel the second is too wide in the ankles. I was confused about these shoes too but I realized they're comfortable, look okay under (and over jeans), and still give a little lift. i'm a lover :)

  6. haha, I love your concept. I'm not a huge cowboy boot fan to begin with, so luckily I can save my pennies for the new marc jacobs moto boots I just spotted on the runway yesterday.

    xo Mary Jo

  7. I got the taupe ones (less expensive than the marants) and i wear them allll the time. my most worn shoe. I like how they work well with all jeans as well as skirts/dresses. a very versatile shoe.