In the Bag

I've always found blog posts or magazine articles that reveal the contents of someone's purse oddly fascinating. For some reason, knowing what other women can't leave home without is intriguing. I decided to do a little blog post revealing the contents of my own handbag. This is what's in my handbag day to day, but I do pare things down and switch to a smaller purse sometimes, too. 

2. Nook with Jonathan Adler cover
3. Aquaphor, my chapped lip fixer
4. Gum
5. Little case that I stash gift cards and change
6. Pen (there's usually a few of those at the bottom of my handbag)
7. Covergirl Lipstick
8. Business card case 
9. Wallet
10. Lipstick
11. Blister Block
12. iPhone


  1. I love that Jonathan Adler cover -- cute!
    xo Josie