Family Treasures

Like most girls I know, I'm pretty sentimental. One thing I'm particularly sentimental about is jewelry that I'm lucky enough to have that was passed down from my grandmother and great grandmother.  My mom and sister both know this- they've kindly allowed me to "adopt" the majority of those pieces (of course, they both know that if they want something back, they just need to ask!), and I love wearing them. I wanted to share my favorite necklace that my great grandmother passed along to us on the blog today, and share a little story to go along with it! 

Above, the bottom photo is of this necklace that my great grandmother gave my mom. I've loved this necklace forever, and wear it quite often. A year ago, I was on the phone with one of my professors, discussing a term paper, and the necklace suddenly snapped, and beads went flying every where. I was so upset that I had tears in my eyes for the rest of the phone call! I tried to find all of the beads that I could, and my mom kindly re-strung them for me. Thanks, Mom! I was so relieved that she was able to repair it! 

The upper left hand photo is actually an earring from the necklace set that my mom had converted into a ring for me for Christmas a few years back- she saved the other one for my sister if she ever wants one made, too! The earrings in the set were clip-ons, and very large and too heavy to wear as earrings, but I love it as an oversize cocktail ring! It was easily one of my all-time favorite gifts, and I wear it often. 

The bracelet is a recent addition to my little glass bead set! My sister just did a tour of Europe for an international business class she took (lucky girl!) and spied this bracelet on the island of Murano, in Italy, and sweetly brought it home for me as a gift! (Yes, she's awesome. No, you can't adopt her to be your little sister- I've got dibs!) She bought herself one, too, so we have matching sister bracelets!

I don't ever wear all three pieces together, but I love them all, and love the memories that go along with each one! 

Are you sentimental about jewelry, too? What's your favorite piece of jewelry you own? 


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