Best of: Vases

While the plain glass vase that comes with a flower delivery is completely functional, they tend to be a little on the blah side. With so many gorgeous vase options out there, a plain transparent cylinder does not do beautiful blooms the justice that they deserve. With Valentine's Day tomorrow, an architectural vase, like the ones shown below, would make a perfect last minute gift when filled with flowers. The blooms will fade after a few days, but the vase will be pulled out time after time!  I have a couple of fun vases that I absolutely adore, and one of them sits out on my desk, even without flowers in it, just because I love to look at it! Here are a few of my favorite flower vessels from around the web:

4. Crate and Barrel, $35 (I own and love this one- the style name is brooklyn- perfect, no?)

Clearly, someone has an issue...I didn't realize that every vase was white, black, or silver until I was finishing the collage! I'm telling myself it'll just let the flowers stand out more


  1. I'm obsessed with vases like that Crate and Barrel one -- so chic.
    xo Josie

  2. these are gorgeous! I don't think you have an issue at all - those colors are perfect.

  3. oo these are so much fun! I love that first one. newest follower :)

  4. I love number 3 and 6!! The colours are perfect for any room! great choices :)

    Love, Vanilla

  5. love your new site look! These vases are awesome!