Best of: Neon Accessories

This spring, color trends could not be more opposite! One of the big trends for spring is anything neon, and yet another trend is everything in pastel hues. I'm always working to incorporate more color into my wardrobe, and styles this season will present countless ways to do so. Since neon is such a huge statement, I highly suggest wearing a single pop of it with an otherwise simple outfit if you're afraid to go all-in on blindingly bright hues. Here are a few of my favorite neon accessories for spring:

1. J.Crew striped tee
2. Adia Kibur necklace (the original is a little pricey, but Grace from Stripes and Sequins did a DIY tutorial over on Glitter Guide, if you want to make your own!)
3. Kate Spade Gloria clutch
4. Kate Spade bow belt
5. Old Navy Flats (what a steal- only $23!)
6. La Mer watch


  1. Love these Old Navy flats!!! Great picks!

  2. I love ALL of these picks! The J. Crew top, Kate Spade belt, and La Mer watch especially.
    xo Josie

  3. love the neon.. especially the old navy flats! what a steal!

  4. I've been seeing those old navy flats mentioned everywhere and need to grab a pair before they sell out!
    Also loving that j. crew striped tee - great selections!