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I'm heading to NYC for a couple of days, so I won't be posting again til Monday. Have a great weekend!

Adventures in Domesticity: Peach Cobbler

Ok, so, there's a mix involved in this installment of Adventures in Domesticity, but I thought I'd share anyways. After Brett and I picked our own peaches at the peach farm, we saw a mix for peach cobbler in the store section at the orchard. It was super easy to make, other than the peeling and slicing of  all the peaches- all I had to do was melt butter, stir and bake. Kind of cheating, but whatever, it was SUPER yummy. Baby steps must be taken in the pursuit of becoming the next Martha Stewart. 

What I Wore: Pre-Irene

Last week was full of lots of boring errands and getting re-settled in in Charlottesville. By the time Friday rolled around, I was ready to put on a cute outfit and go out to dinner for a friend's birthday! It's been fun re-discovering my wardrobe back here in Charlottesville, and I think I'll be wearing this army green skirt a ton this fall. I spent the rest of my weekend watching the pouring rain outside and glued to CNN, just like the rest of the East coast. I'm so thankful to be able to say that we're safe, but I know that's not the case for many people along the coast. The coverage of the storm showed so much devastation, and I'm hoping and praying that the communities affected by the storm will be able to recover quickly. 

{Top: Gap, Skirt: Express, Shoes and watch: Michael Kors}

How was your weekend? 

Trend to Love: Luck be a Lady

One of my top fall trends to love are all of the ladylike bags hitting stores right now. I love an oversize slouchy handbag as much as the next girl, but there is no quicker way to look pulled together than by carrying a more refined bag. Fortunately for all of you tote-lovers out there, there are still plenty of oversize bags that still look ladylike, so you can carry your life and channel Jackie Kennedy all at once! This is a trend that will never go completely out of style, so splurging a little on a handbag you'll carry for seasons is more than reasonable! 

1. This Rebecca Minkoff Covet bag, $395 is so classic- I love the shape, and the dove gray hue would go with just about anything in your wardrobe, no matter the season. 
2. Kate Spade is always a sure thing as far as finding ladylike bags go, and this Tuxedo Hill Little Nadine, $395 bag is no exception. The tweedy fabric channels Chanel (how very ladies-who-lunch!) and would be perfect for fall and through winter. 
3. J.Crew's Edie bag, $238 knocks it out of the park. It's the perfect size for most daily essentials, the two handles gives the wearer a ton of flexibility, and the bright poppy red will make every outfit you wear a little more fun!
4. This Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q, $448 is for the girl who wants to look pulled together, but isn't totally sold on the ladylike look. The metallic finish keeps things fun and funky, but the shape is classic, and would go with just about any ensemble. 
5. Michael Kors rarely disapoints in the handbag arena, and the Hamilton Satchel, $298, is pretty darn perfect. It's a ladylike bag, but could also go well with jeans and a tshirt. I love the cognac hue paired with the gold- it's the perfect fall pairing. 

Are you going to get in on the ladylike trend? 

DIY to Try: Lyric "Art"

So, confession: I'm one of those people that think of great DIY ideas, but don't usually try them, and if I do, I have a bad habit of not finishing them without major "help" from my mom or sister (help meaning I watch, they finish). But since I'm living on the other side of the country from both of them, I know that I have to finish any projects I start! After we got back to Charlottesville, I decided some of our apartment's walls were a little too bare for my liking, so I was looking around on Pinterest for some (very) easy or cheap "art" ideas to hang! I came across this idea in a few different formats, but modified it for my liking. 

So the project: I decided to make lyric "art"by downloading a cool typeface (I used Signerica, a free download from and typing out the lyrics to "Put Your Head on My Shoulder," which was our first dance song at our wedding! I did mine in Photoshop Express, but this would totally work in Word, too! Pick a song that means something to you, type out the words, and then highlight the particular words you want to stand out by changing the color of your text. Find a cool frame, and you have your own little personalized print! 

Any other ideas for fun, easy DIY for me? 

What I Wore: Peach Orchard

Brett and I woke up yesterday morning, and decided to put aside some of our more tedious errands to take a little drive out to Chiles Peach Orchard, mere minutes from where we live. We've been out there before, but not during peach season, which is what the orchard is known for. We spent a little while picking fresh peaches off the trees (and may have snuck a few bites while in the orchard) and then headed inside, where they have homemade soft serve ice cream. I got a peach sundae, and Brett got a homemade peach shake. They were both absolutely delicious, and it was a great way to spend an afternoon, especially since the weather was perfection. 

{all of the peach trees}
{top: Francesca's, shorts: Gap}

Have you ever been peach-picking? I hadn't before, so much fun! 

What I Wore: Playing Catch Up

Even though I've been back in Charlottesville for a week, it seems like I'm still playing catch up- trying to get unpacked, organized, and running lots of errands, all while trying to catch up with some friends and meet new ones! I wore this dress Saturday for an afternoon of errand running with Brett. It's light, pretty comfortable, and it wasn't in my suitcase this summer, so I was excited to wear it before the weather begins to get cooler, and my summer clothes get packed away for the year. 

{dress: Urban Outfitters, belt: Uniqlo, shoes: Franco Sarto, watch: husbands}

Loving Right Now: Lulu Frost for J.Crew

I spied these gorgeous bangles on J.Crew's Tumblr page, and there was some major swooning involved. They're part of J.Crew's collaboration with designer Lulu Frost (there are earrings and necklaces, too!).  I love how they look a little grannie-chic, but modern, all at once. My personal favorites? The coral-turquoise combo, as well as the striking marigold. Paired together, they'd be one unstoppable arm party! Buy them online here

So, what do you think of these? 

Two Months in Two Suitcases: The End!

I thought it would be fun to do a little wrap up post to my packing for two and half months in two suitcase post! If you're new around here, my husband had an internship in California this summer, so we spent the summer there, with time in Arizona (where we're from originally, live in Virginia now) at the beginning and end of our trip, for a 10-week trip, total. We had a great summer, and I feel like I got a lot more creative with creating different outfits out of my smaller wardrobe. A few of these outfits below are new items or borrowed from my mom or sister, so they weren't in my original post, but I didn't photograph every outfit or item I brought, so it breaks about even. I definitely became better at remixing things, and did a little closet suitcase clean out before we came home to get rid of worn out stuff, and so I could fit my new purchases in! I learned a few things about packing, too. I probably should have brought a couple less dressy dresses, since I didn't get dressed up a ton, and I probably could have done with fewer workout tshirts, since we had easy access to a washer and dryer. As for the one big thing I forgot: CONTACT LENSES. Yes, I didn't bring any contacts, save the pair in my eyes, but fortunately, a friend rescued me and sent me some from our apartment. Whew! Lesson learned. All in all, I think I did a pretty good job, and I definitely had a great summer! Here are the outfit pics from our little adventure: 

So, how do you think I did? 

What I Wore: Bold Print

I realized last week that although I've worn this top a ton in the last couple months (in my two suitcase for two and a half months adventure), it had yet to wind up in an outfit post! I usually tuck in this top since it's kind of boxy, but I decided to mix things up and belt it and leave it untucked instead! I love the bold print of this top- I know it was kind of ubiquitous in the fashion blog world last fall, since it was a part of the Tucker for Target collection, but I still love mine, and plan to wear it plenty more this fall, too! PS- I'm back in Virginia now, and while I'm sad to leave family, friends, and the beach behind, I'm very excited to be reunited with my closet! 

{Top: Tucker for Target, Skirt: Gap, Belt: Shareen's Vintage, Shoes: Soft}

Coveting: Hardwood in the Home

Confession time, guys. I've been cheating on fashion with furniture. Well, technically it's just an emotional affair- I've spent countless hours recently looking at home design magazines, websites, and blogs. Since Brett and I are only going to be in Virginia for a couple years, we're renting, but I've been swooning over a very specific, very permanent (non-apartment dweller friendly) furnishing as of late- hardwood. Whether it's on floors, cabinetry, or ceilings, I'm kind of obsessed. Hardwood furniture is also gorgeous, and I'm thinking I may give my dresser a little "update" with a coat of bright white paint one of these days, which just seems so fresh, but the piece still has the durability of hardwood. Most homes where I grew up were of the tile and carpet variety, so maybe it's just the idea of something new, but I feel like American hardwood floors are just so classic.

My favorite style? Wide, dark boards on the floor paired with crisp white cabinetry! Plus, the more I research, the more I realize how great hardwood floors really are- they are easy to clean, easy on the allergies, and obviously, easy on the eyes.

{credit: Armstrong Hardwood Flooring}
{credit: Jon Miller, Hedrich Blessing Photographers}
Here are a few more of my favorite looks that I've been collecting- they are all so different, but they all have a common theme- gorgeous hardwood used throughout!

A mix of various hardwoods adds dimension and warmth to a kitchen.
{credit: Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.}
Extra light natural maplewood paired with bright paint makes a room airy and fun, all at once!
{credit: Mullican Flooring}
The detail work on these gorgeous poplar beams makes the ceiling the center of attention in this kitchen.
{credit: White River Hardwoods}
The dark hardwood floors pair so well with bright white linens, and I'd love to go to sleep in this room every night!
{credit: Armstrong Hardwood Flooring}
To learn more about hardwood and to gather  gorgeous inspiration photos of your own like these, visit The American Hardwood Information Center's  website,

Are you as crazy for hardwood floors as I am? What's your favorite style?