Giving Back

Today, I wanted to share a little bit about an organization that's close to my heart, and I thought that my readers would be interested in hearing about it, since it's fashion-focused. During one of my final semesters at Arizona State, one of my communications classes had a capstone project of sorts, that entailed picking any topic that related to interpersonal communication, finding a charity or non profit organization, and volunteering while researching said topic, while building a research paper. I've always been  a strong believer in giving back to the community around me, and I decided that I wanted to give my time to an organization called Dress for Success. My paper's hypothesis was that women felt more confident when they were dressed well for a job interview, and that's exactly Dress for Success's focus. 

Dress for Success is an organization that was founded to help women in need find and keep jobs, and the primary focus is dressing them for interviews. A woman that has an interview can come in to the "boutique" and have a personal shopper help them find a perfect suit outfit for an interview, and when they get a job, they can come back to the boutique and pick up a couple more suits to round out their wardrobe. Additionally, the DFS chapter I worked at had makeup and accessories, and a makeup artist volunteered his time weekly to give the clients mini makeovers! 

I can't even begin to tell you how working with these women lifted my spirits, and made me realize that looking good truly can make a difference in your confidence levels. I realize that giving a woman a suit to wear isn't solving cancer or saving the world, but to those women, it brightened their day. Countless times, I saw women come in looking defeated, and left with a smile on their face and a spring in their step, prepared to face the world. My "hypothesis" was proved with nearly every woman that came through the door of the Dress for Success chapter I worked for. 

Additionally, Dress for Success provides career counseling and interview prep through their Professional Women's Group, which covers topics from workplace culture to assisting women establish solid personal finance habits. 

If you have a few gently worn suits hanging in the back of your closet that you don't wear, or even gently worn business casual separates, check out this list for a location near you- DFS has affiliate locations worldwide. Additionally, they are often in need of professional accessories- briefcases, shoes, scarves, and handbags. If you'd like to be a little more hands on (which, if you can make the time for, is truly such a wonderful organization to help with), try to contact the head of your local chapter. If you'd like to give a monetary donation, you can do so online here. To learn more about the organization, check out their website!
{all photos via DFS website} 

What are some of your favorite charity organizations? 

Pinspiration for Fall Fashion

Continuing with my last post, I decided I'd share some of my recent Pinterest pins, but this edition is all about my inspiration for my fall wardrobe. I grew up in Arizona, so spending my first Fall on the east coast has me excited for sweaters, coats, and crisp weather! 

{love the camel+black mix, perfectly
rolled sleeves, and cropped pants} 
{loose top+fitted bottom=chic and comfy}
{love the bright pop of color and the leopard print together}
{gorgeous cape}
{more leopard and color...see a theme?}
{can't wait to wear my brown boots!}
{love both these colors!}

Pinspiration for the Home

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of posting the past week or so, but it's been a rough few days. I'm having some health issues, and had to cut short my time in California to come back to Arizona to hopefully figure stuff out and get better! I've been feeling pretty crummy and blah, and certainly not inspired, let alone looking to dress up and take photos. I decided to spend a little time on Pinterest, one of my favorite sites for looking at gorgeous images in hopes of getting a little bit of inspiration going, and I thought I'd share a few of my favorite recent "pins." Today's edition is all about home style, and tomorrow's will be about my inspiration for fall fashion. And hopefully I'll be back to feeling great very soon, and posting will be back to normal!

{bold stripes give a bathroom an unexpected twist}
{love how the all white frames pull it all together}
{Three large blooms+small white vase=perfection} 
{love the random hodge podge of prints on the shelf}
{twinkle lights poked through canvas
would make for a sweet night light}
{The light stripes make this room seem open and airy}
Where do you turn to for inspiration? 

Guest Post

Hi! Today, I'm guest posting for B over at Just B! I'd love for you to check out my post- it's all about how I wore one dress (below) three ways- talk about maximizing suitcase space

Big thanks to JUST B for having me guest post!

Review: Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipstick

My mom always told me when I was growing up that I should play up my lips and wear lipstick (or gloss) more often. But until the last few months, I've stayed firmly planted in the Aquaphor-only camp, barring special occasions. And now, I have no idea why I ever did that! (Shh, don't tell my mom, but I guess she was RIGHT all along!) Anyways, I've branched out the last few months, and I love how quickly bright lips make me feel pulled together, even if I am too lazy don't have time to do much else. 

I do have a pet peeve about lipstick, however, and it's part of the reason I didn't wear it very often before. My lips tend to dry out really easily, lipstick tends to dry them out more, and let's face it, flaky lips and bright lipstick is an icky combination. 

Enter Cover Girl Lip Perfection lipstick. The last time I was at the drugstore, I decided I'd buy a little lipstick as a pick-me-up. Since I usually wear more pinks, I decided to mix it up and buy a bright reddish coral color (Flame) and try it out. 

Consider me a Cover Girl convert. My lips felt softer a couple hours after I had put it on, no Aquaphor needed. And as an added bonus, it stayed on for hours and hours- I washed my face, and there was still color on my lips! It wasn't as super bright after a couple hours, but it faded to a really pretty stained color that I love. The best part? It's seven dollars. Sold! I think I may have to pick up a few more colors! 

What's your favorite lipstick? 

Five Fashion Rules I've Broken in the Last Year

True confession: I broke one of my personal cardinal style rules this weekend, and flew on a plane in sweatpants. I honestly can't think of the last time in my adult life I've done that, but Brett and I went to Portland this weekend to see a doctor for me, and we left at 4 AM, and were going to head straight to the doctor's office, so I caved, and decided to wear sweats. Not my proudest moment, but whatever. 

The reason I'm bringing this up is because Friday's sweatpants got me thinking about traditional fashion rules, and how I've broken a lot of them in the last year that I've been blogging. Before I started blogging, I probably wouldn't have had the courage to break the fashion "rules," but today, I feel like fashion rules are really just guidelines, and are meant to be broken! Rules can get a little boring, and boring is never a word I'd want to describe my sartorial choices as. Check out the five big rules I've broken recently! 
{see post}
Denim on denim can definitely be a really tricky look to pull off- no one wants to look like they are wearing a Canadian tuxedo. To me, the best way to wear this look is to make sure that the denim top and denim bottoms are really far apart in the color- for instance, the top is super light washed, and the jeans are almost navy blue colored.
{see post}
Mixing prints is yet another tricky look to pull off. I know that people with more traditional tastes might hate this printed skirt + striped shirt combo, but I was really happy with how it turned out. To ease into this look, I'd suggest picking a skirt with a more subtle pattern, and pairing it with a top that has common colors with the skirt. 
{see post}
The rule I broke in this photo isn't so much about the dress as it is about my height! Many people think that shorter girls should steer clear of maxi dresses and skirts, to avoid looking like we're being drowned in fabric. My trick to make this look work for me was wearing sky high wedges and belting the dress so you could still see my ankles and shoes, thus avoiding looking like the dress was built for someone a few inches taller than I am. 
{see post}
Every style rule book out there tells you not to mix navy and black (or black and brown) together, but in the last year, those color combos have become some of my favorites! To avoid looking like you can't tell the difference between colors, make sure the navy is more of a true navy, and that the black is super dark, not faded. It'll make the look a lot more crisp. Bonus points if you can find a skirt that pulls in both colors- no one will think  you got dressed in the dark!  
{see post}
To me, one of the most outdated fashion "rules" is that white should only be worn between Memorial and Labor Day. While I think that wearing white shoes should probably be limited to those months, I feel that white is a great color year-round, as long as it's worn the right way! For this outfit, I tried to keep the colors bright to compliment the white, but the weights of the fabric made this outfit a lot more early spring. Winter white can gorgeous, too- I think classic ivory colors are best for colder months, and make sure they are in a seaon apporpriate fabric, like wool. 

What are you favorite fashion rules to break? 

What I Wore: Scarfed

I'm not usually a scarf-in-the-hair girl. I always think it's a cute look, but not one for me. Yesterday, however, I realized that my roots were in a bad, bad place, so I turned to a scarf for a little camouflage! It was the perfect one-day fix, and I was pretty happy with how it turned out! I kept the rest of my outfit simple, since the patterned scarf was so busy. I've been wearing this top at least weekly since I bought it, if not more frequently than that. It's been the perfect summer shirt, and I've worn it with jeans, denim cutoffs, and now this skirt! 

{Skirt and Top: Gap, Scarf: Forever 21, Shoes: Sofft}

Do you ever wear scarfs to cover up a bad hair day? 

What SHE Wore: Makinzie

Today, I decided I'd mix it up a little and show you what someone else wore, for a change! (After all, my suitcase is only so big this summer, and I'm sure you're a little bored of just seeing my smiling face here!) Anyways, my sister Makinzie is my first what SHE wore subject! She was in California this weekend with our family, and while we were shopping, she mentioned she wanted a romper. She tried on probably 10 or 15, but this one was my (and her) favorite! I love the nautical stripes, and it's the perfect lightweight material for summertime. Not that I"m biased or anything, but I think she looks really cute and pulled together! 

{Jumper: Forever 21, Belt: Gap, Shoes: Steve Madden, Earrings: American Eagle}

Tech Crush

I'm not going to lie. When it comes to "tech" accessories, mine aren't usually super stylish. My MacBook  Pro has a plain black neoprene case, as do both my cameras, my old BlackBerry and my current iPhone. I've just never really stepped out of the box in that department. But when I first saw this Kate Spade iPhone cover, it was little bit of love at first sight! What sealed the deal for me? The circled ad for the BROOKLYN BOOK CLUB! I'm a huge reader, a big fan of  red and black, and, well, my name is Brookelyn. My only hesitation on ordering? I've heard mixed reviews on the protection factor of hard vs. soft cases. Does anyone have one of these cases? Do you love it? Does it protect your phone? I'd appreciate any advice! Thanks! 

What I Wore: Three Hour Tour

This weekend, my mom, dad, and sister were all in Huntington Beach, so Brett and I got to spend the weekend with them, and we had an absolute blast! We aren't all together often, but we always have fun when we are! On Friday night, we went for a dinner cruise in Newport (it was a Gilligan"s Island-style three hour tour, my sister pointed out) at sunset. The view was gorgeous, and it's always fun to get dressed up and go to dinner! I wore the same dress I wore in this post, but made it a lot more summer-y this time around! The lighting made the dress look orange in some pics, and Barbie pink in others, but it is a gorgeous coral shade, and one of my favorite dresses of the moment! 

{Dress: BCBG, Shoes: Michael Kors, Belt: Vintage, Earrings: Kendra Scott} 

Happy Birthday, Best of Bklyn!

A year ago today, I started this little blog for a summer school class. That class turned out to be one of the best I took in college- not because I learned a lot from the class, but because I now have this blog! I've "met" some really interesting people through blogging, I've learned a lot about my personal style, and I've had a lot of fun in the process! Here's to many more years of blogging fun! 

Have a great weekend! 

What I Wore: Turtle Races

Yes, you read the title right. Last week, I went to turtle races at Brennan's Pub in Marina Del Rey. My friend Meggie had heard about this interesting event a while back, and had never had the chance to go. She mentioned it to me, and I was more than a little intrigued, so off to the races we went! If you follow me on Twitter, I had asked the question that often comes to mind when I'm going new places- but what do I WEAR? I decided to keep it casual but still kind of cute, since Brett and I went to dinner first, and I paired this super-soft LnA t-shirt dress with my trusty denim shirt (seriously, this shirt has worked overtime in my two suitcase wardrobe this summer). It wound up being a little too dressy for the dive bar, but I'm not bothered being overdressed (since I usually am). As for the turtle races- they were a hoot, but very silly! If you're ever in the mood for a laugh, and you're in the area, check it out! 

{Shirt: American Eagle, Dress worn as skirt: LnA, Shoes: BP, Bag: Kate Spade}

{the turtles}

Shareen's Vintage

I love vintage clothes, but sometimes vintage clothing stores or thrift stores overwhelm me, so, while I love the idea of vintage clothes, I have very, very few pieces. On Saturday, I went to Shareen's Vintage in downtown LA, and it was unlike any other vintage store I've visited- in a good way.  I had heard of Shareen's before- I had meant to go when I was in NYC, but it never worked out, and a friend of a friend is one of Shareen's assistants in LA, but I had never gone to the shop until this weekend. The shop, and Shareen herself, has recently become the subject of a new reality show on Planet Green called Dresscue Me (I've only seen clips, but it looks like a great look into how vintage shops work!). It was a little tough to find, but it was SO worth the drive! Upon arrival, Brett and I were faced with a huge sign that said, "NO BOYS ALLOWED." I hesitantly knocked on the door, and Shareen answered- and yes, there are no boys allowed, because there are no dressing rooms in the store! Brett took off, and I went in to the massive warehouse style store. 

{my new dress and belt}
The store was really well organized, which helped immensely, and the staff was super helpful, which helped even more. The shop girl showed me each section- the dresses are separated out by length, then sleeve length, and the formal clothing (vintage beaded and sequin evening gowns on a level I've never seen before) has a separate section. Additionally, Shareen keeps a archive collection as well, of various design houses and styles from different decades. Designers and students come to look at these clothes for inspiration, but most of those pieces aren't for sale. I started picking up some of the pieces, and formed a little pile, and started trying things on. 

If you get the opportunity to visit Shareen's (and if you get the opportunity, seize it!), I highly recommend wearing undergarments you're comfortable undressing in front of others in. (I didn't take any photos in the shop because I didn't want to creep anyone out that was trying on clothes!) Shareen and her staff were the ultimate professionals, and didn't even bat an eye at helping me get dresses on and off, but if you're shy, you might consider wearing leggings and a thin camisole for a little more privacy. 

One of my shopping pet peeves is a shop person telling you something looks great on you when it obviously does not, just to get you to buy something. Shareen absolutely didn't do that, and I loved that. At one point, she could tell that even though a dress fit me, it wasn't really me- and she told me to take it off so we could find something that I LOVED- which are the kind of clothes you should be buying! As she figured out my style better (I kept gravitating towards 50s and 60s nipped in waists), she kept pulling more things off the racks, and I wound up leaving with two vintage dresses I'm obsessed with (I wore the one in these pictures the very next day), and the perfect double wrap leather belt, which Shareen has made especially for the shop. 

All in all, it was one of the most fun and certainly most unique experiences I've ever had while shopping. If you ever are in NYC or LA, I highly recommend Shareen's- and if you can't make it to either coast, she has a great online shop, as well! 

{dresses you can twirl in are the best kind}

Happy Birthday, America!

Today (and everyday), I'm thankful for living in a wonderful country with the privileges of so many freedoms, and I'm extra thankful for all of the men and women in our armed forces who keep our country safe. If you see a military guy (or gal), tell them thank you today! 

I hope you have a wonderful, happy, and safe Fourth of July with your friends and family! Regular posting will be back tomorrow!