What I Wore: Last Minute

The other day, I had spent most of the day just chilling around the house we're staying at for the summer. I was writing blog posts, looking up stuff online, you get the picture. I had showered but let my hair air-dry, so it was a bit of a mess, and I had no makeup on. When Brett came home, he suggested we go to a movie, and we looked up the times. I had about ten minutes to get ready all of a sudden! I sprung into gear- frizz serum for the hair, a touch of makeup, a scarf, heels, and I was almost ready to go. My favorite trick for making myself feel more pulled together instantly is a swipe of bright lipstick. I picked this color up last week and I've been wearing it since then, and it definitely made me feel like I was ready for a little date night, even if it was impromptu burgers and a movie (PS- Super 8 is terrifying at points. I may have screamed in the theatre. Yes, I'm that girl.). 

{Shirt: H+M, Jeans: Uniqlo, self destructed, Shoes: R2, Scarf, Gift

What's your go-to look for getting ready in a hurry? 

"You look like the Fourth of July!"

Quick! Name that movie! (It's Legally Blonde 2, in case your movie knowledge isn't up to par). Anyways, if you're an American, you know that Independence day is next Monday, and I'm here to give you a little advice on what to wear! Holiday dressing can be tricky. You want to look festive, but not like a flag.  So stick to these tips, and no matter if you're going to a backyard BBQ or a country club, you'll be set for the weekend! 

If your plans are on the more casual side, opt for cute and comfortable, but with a little fashionable flair. Wear a very on-trend chambray shirt (1) for your "blue" and for the "white," these white denim cut-offs (3) are the perfect shorts. Keep it casual with flat sandals (4), and if you're going to be in the sun, protect your skin with a straw hat (2)! Leave the red at home to avoid looking a little too festive! 

If your plans involve something a little fancier, opt for a super cute striped dress (1), but since you've got the stripes covered out of the "stars and stripes" equation, keep the rest of the look a little more neutral. If you still want to have a little bit of fireworks in your outfit, try a glittery belt (2) on for size (I bought one last week and I'm crazy about it). As for shoes, go for comfortable but chic espadrilles in a neutral color (3)

Do you have any plans for the Fourth yet? What do you plan on wearing? 

Trend to {love}: Lucite

Lucite is one of those things that trends every few years, but never truly goes out of style. Personally, my dream home would be pretty modern, so lucite would fit right in! I've long been a fan of ghost chairs (lucite dining table style chairs), because they are just so different from boring, traditional dining chairs, and they have the added bonus of being easy to clean! Even if you if modern home design isn't your thing, you can still get in on the lucite party with some fun bangles! But please, for the love of all that is stylish, don't take this trend too far- lucite shoes are NEVER a good look, unless your job description involves very little clothing and a pole. Check out a few of my favorite current pieces below. 

1. CB2 media console, $399. I'm crazy for this console! It's such a departure from the standard entertainment center- it's sleek, low to the ground, and would kind of float in a room. The only reason I don't think I could make this work in my home? My cords would never be neat enough to hide! 
2. Jonathan Adler Bond Lamp, $695. This lamp is certainly a splurge, but I must admit, it's absolutely stunning. I'm sure when the actual light is on, the room would dance with reflections of light all around! For more super posh lucite, check out the rest of the Jonathan Adler Bond collection here.
3. Louis Ghost Chair, Amazon, $121. Ah, my coveted ghost chair. I love that this version has a traditional chair design, but in modern lucite- it's the best of both worlds. 
4. Clear skinny bangle, Alexis Bittar, $55. If you just want a touch of lucite, try a skinny bangle as part of a stack of mixed up bracelets! 
5. Cosmic Dust bracelet, Alexis Bittar, $255. I love the mix of lucite and sparkles on this bracelet, which would be perfect in a stack or even on it's own, to really show it off. 

Are you a fan of lucite?

What I Wore: Weekend Adventures

This weekend was an absolute blast! Friday night, we made some new friends, which is always a welcome thing, and on Saturday, Brett and I drove up from Newport to hang out with a couple of Brett's best friends in Manhattan Beach- we walked along the gorgeous boardwalk (the beach houses were unbelievable!) and had lunch, and later that day, we met one of my dear friends for dinner in Santa Monica. It was great to get to see so many of our friends, who we don't usually get to see often because we don't live near them anymore! I wore this outfit for the first half the day- we drove up to Palos Verdes to pick up Brett's friend, and there were gorgeous cliffs all along the water. We tried to get the ocean in the background of these pics, but it wound up being a little washed out. So you'll have to take my word for it: it was stunningly beautiful. Right after we snapped these photos, I had a little quick change in the car into something a little warmer for dinner, and I wore the outfit from this post. Sunday brought some random adventures and driving around and exploring, as well as a super yummy dinner, courtesy of Brett's cooking skills (which are supremely superior to mine). All in all, it was a wonderful weekend with wonderful people! 

{Top: H+M, Skirt: Gap, Belt: Gap (I love this belt so much already), shoes: Sofft, earrings: vintage}

{Brett said something funny to make me laugh}
How was your weekend? 

What I Wore; BFFs and Cupcakes

I've been loving being in Newport the past weeks, and yesterday, I got the chance to have a little friend date with one of my oldest friends, Meggie. It's always so great catching up with old friends! We went to a little happy hour, and then went to get Sprinkles, which is always a great way to end an afternoon (Meg got  key lime, and I got gluten-free red velvet, yum!). I've been wearing these self-destructed Uniqlo jeans all the time the last week, since it's a little chilly in the mornings and evenings (no complaints here!). I picked up the top and belt on major clearance at Gap, and I'm already plotting all the ways I'm going to wear this precious glitter belt!

{Top: Gap, Jeans: Uniqlo, Shoes: Soft, Belt: Gap, Purse: Vintage, Watch: Michael Kors}

Trend to {heart}: Chevron striped rugs

One of my favorite trends right now is zig-zag style chevron stripes! They are currently showing up everywhere, from home design to stationery to clothing, and every time I see a stripe, I swoon a little. I'm particulary partial to the white and black or white and grey variety, but these stripes can also add a bright pop of color to a room when in a sunny shade like yellow or orange. I rounded up five of my current favorite styles to share. 

1. Chevron Stripe notepad, $6.75 on Etsy.  This little notepad (it's just slightly larger than a notecard) would be the perfect thing to keep in your pocketbook, and whip out when you need to jot down a little note or phone number. 
2. Monogrammed chevron stripe notecards, $16 for 10 on Etsy. These 5x7 flat notecards will certainly brighten the day of the recipient, and yours, too, while you write a quick thank you note! 
3. Jonathan Adler Chevron iPhone cover, $19.95. I recently switched from a Blackberry to the wonderful world of iPhones, and I'm loving this bright and cheerful cover- I think it would be nearly impossible to look at it without smiling!
4. Chevron stripe dress, $23 at Delia's. I love the white and coral color combo on this dress, which would make for the perfect swimsuit cover-up. At $23, it's a steal, to boot! 
5. Chevron rug, $79 on Overstock.com. A chevron printed rug was what started my little love affair with  these stripes, and I think it's a fun, modern touch for a bedroom or living room! 


I talk a lot about what outfit I wore on what day and where I went on the blog, but I haven't really stepped into how I became interested in fashion, and what has influenced my style the most, so I decided I'd get a little more personal today and share some of that with you!

Brett (my husband) asked me the other day how I'd define my style. And I basically told him that I have no idea what "box" my personal style fits in to. I know what I'm not, though. I'm not super edgy (even though I like aggressive accessories), I tend to veer a little more polished than someone with a bohemian style, I'm not in to having an entire wardrobe filled with retro pieces, even though I do love vintage, and I've never felt like I have the body or pocketbook to have a strong minimalism look going, either.

A lot of things have influenced my personal style, and a large influence has come from where I've lived the last few years. I spend the first 18 years of my life in Scottsdale, AZ, but in the last five years, I've spent significant time in five states! I grew up going to a school where uniforms were required, and I pretty much dressed to fit in, like any other high schooler, on the weekends. At my school, that meant a lot of Hollister and Abercrombie.

After I graduated high school, I moved to southern California for college. It was so weird to not put on a uniform every day to go to class, but I adopted the standard "uniform" of sorts of my school, and of southern CA (not that there aren't people that don't wear this uniform, but a lot of people do), which was basically jeans, cute tops, and rainbow sandals. I was interested in fashion, but not so much that I wanted to stand out by dressing differently than my peers. I was a little shy, and just wanted to blend in and be accepted.

This is where my "typical college kid" story changes a whole lot, and it also changed the way I thought about fashion. In between my first and second semester of college, I had to have back surgery (a result of a college cheerleading injury). You might be a little confused as to why this affected the way I dressed, but I'm getting there! You see, I had some major complications after surgery, and without going in to too much detail, I spent a lot of time in hospitals, in bed, or on the couch for a year afterwards. During this time, my sartorial choices were limited pretty much to sweatpants and sneakers.

During that time, i discovered fashion blogs, and spent a lot of time reading fashion magazines. I also figured out that when I got up and got dressed, I felt a lot better! Getting up in the mornings and getting dressed, even if I was spending most of the day at doctor's offices or on the couch, became a point of pride for me, and wearing heels when I was feeling up to it was a little rebellious, but I felt like wearing heels was a way of saying to myself and my family and friends that I was going to be OK, and that I wasn't going to let my back problems define me! 

Next up in the "cities I lived in" tour was Lubbock, Texas, where I attended school for a semester. Like California, I tried to blend in with the other students, and at Texas Tech that meant Sperry Topsiders and Nike Tempo shorts to class (known as "norts" to the college girls that wear them), which was so not me. For going out at night, cocktail dresses reigned supreme, and I started to build up a bit of a collection. 

I left Texas in May, and headed home to Arizona, where I started at Arizona State University that fall. At some point that summer, I decided I was getting kind of sick of just wearing clothes that everyone else wears just to fit in, and decided that I wasn't going to do that anymore when I started at ASU. While everyone else on campus (or so it seemed) was wearing velour tracksuits with Uggs and super short shorts, I wore what I wanted. And that was a really liberating feeling. My interest in fashion grew, and at some point, I decided I wanted to try to intern in the industry, with hopes of working in the field someday.

The next summer, I packed my bags and headed to NYC for the summer, where I interned for a fashion PR firm. I loved every minute of being in the city, and it definitely helped shape my personal style. My internship gave me opportunities to see people with amazing style on a day to day basis, and that was really inspiring to me. I realized that even though I might not have worn the edgy dress that another girl wore, she looked great in it. This made me understand better how fashion is the ultimate way of expressing yourself on a day to day level, and that even if I don't specifically love a certain style for me, I can still appreciate what others are wearing! 

I spent a lot of time shopping in the city, and I readjusted my thought process when I bought things. Instead of worrying about being perfectly trendy or "cool" looking, I bought only things that I loved. I wore what I wanted to wear, and I began to feel like I was really expressing myself through the way I dressed. 

Between two massive closet clean-outs that happened right before and after I moved to Virginia, I realized somethingI love every single piece of clothing that's left in my wardrobe. For me, that means a lot more than being able to sum up my personal style in a couple descriptive words. So the next time someone asks me what my personal style is, I think I'll reply, "It's constantly evolving, and it doesn't fit in a box, but it's very me!"

To sum things up (and yes, I did have a point in all of this), if I was asked for advice on creating a personal style, I think I'd tell someone to dress for themselves, not for those around them. If you buy only things you absolutely love, you will always feel good about what you're wearing, even if it's not totally on-trend. I can always tell when someone feels confident and like themselves in their clothes, and to me, that's the best possible goal you can achieve every morning when you get dressed. 

How would YOU describe your personal style?

What I Wore: Something Borrowed

So, whenever I'm home in Phoenix with my mom and sister, I have a tendency to um...borrow their clothes! The three of us have different tastes in clothes, but we still like similar things sometimes, and we're close enough in sizes that we can usually make things work. I borrowed this adorable top from my sister, and the super comfy wedges from my mom! As for the skirt, my sister came home from the Gap and said she had found this skirt on sale for SEVEN DOLLARS! And I looked at my mom and said, "Want to go to the Gap?" So we went to the Gap, and I got a skirt of my very own so I don't have to steal my sisters. I'm kind of loving it, and I love that in was majorly marked down in price, to boot! 

{Shirt: Sister's, from LOFT, Skirt: Gap, Shoes: Mom's Cole Haans}

Do you share a style or wardrobe with your mom or sisters? OR could you not be more different in the closet department? 

What I Wore: Road Trip!

Brett and I packed out bags this morning, and we're leaving Phoenix to drive to Newport Beach, where we'll be living for the rest of the summer (Brett's interning nearby)! I'm so excited to spend the summer over there (perfect weather, and the beach? count me in)! I decided to snap a few pics and do a post before I left, since I wound up finishing packing early (yeah, that never happens)! I wanted to be semi comfortable in the car, but still look cute, so I paired my favorite pair of shorts with a chambray shirt, and a new little hat I picked up in the guy's department at H+M last week. I know I'll probably toss the hat off when it comes time to take a little nap, but it's nice to have in case my hair looks not-so-hot when we get there! 

{Hat: H+M Men's, Shorts: Gap, Shirt and Belt: American Eagle, Shoes: Cole Haan}

Hope you have a good weekend! 

What I Wore: Wide Legs

I bought these boot-cut jeans two years ago in NYC at Uniqlo, and at the time I was in a skinny jean only phase, but I needed wide legs for my sorority recruitment, they fit and were cute, so home they went. I literally wore them for one day of recruitment, and didn't slip them on again until a few weeks ago. I absolutely love my skinny jeans, and have no plans to get rid of them any time soon, but I'm digging these wider legs, too!  They're comfy, and a little bit cooler, and seem very of the moment (again), since so many stores are carrying the style again!  I'm tempted to pick up a lighter wash pair, too, for a little more of a boho vibe! I wore this outfit to meet two of my girlfriends for a little wine and cheese at Postino (if you're ever in AZ, I highly recommend).

{Jeans: Uniqlo, Shoes: R2, Top: Francescas, Necklace: Stella and Dot, 
Necklace worn as bracelet: thrifted, Watch: Michael Kors}

Are you a skinny jeans addict or a wide legged lover? 

How To: Look (and FEEL) Great at the Beach

Summer is officially in full swing, and that means that beach and bikini season is upon us. I love the beach as much as the next girl, but if you're feeling a little unsure about your beach look or your body, check out these quick and painless tips (no crazy crash diets or harmful tanning involved)! 

{Santa Monica, California}

  • The central focus of a beach look is obviously a swimsuit! I know that shopping for a suit can be a miserable experience (bad lighting in dressing rooms does not flatter anyone!), but try ordering a few suits to try on in the comfort of your home. I know it might sounds crazy, shopping for something that form-fitting online, but you can order several, and send everything back that doesn't fit. 
  • Upgrade your t-shirt and workout shorts to a cute cover-up dress. It'll make you feel so much more pulled together, and when you look good, you feel good! Plus, if you get a little gun-shy about just wearing your bikini, you'll still look great! 
  • A little self tanner goes a long way in covering a number of body woes, from stretch marks to scars to that extra few frozen yogurts you downed this week (No judgement here! Hey, it's summer! ). 
  • Looking to tone up in just seconds? Bust out a few pushups and lunges a few minutes before you hit the sand. They will temporarily tighten up the look of your muscles, and leave you feeling lean. 
  • If flat abs are your goal, try to avoid salty foods, carbonated drinks, and foods like broccoli a few days before you plan to hit the beach or pool. They can bloat your midsection- try to stick to lean protein, fruits and veggies like asparagus, and make sure to drink plenty of water! 
  • Obviously, sunscreen is a beach must-have, but putting a little powder, bronzer, and waterproof mascara on before I head to the pool or beach always makes me feel so much more put together- add a swipe of a bright lip gloss for a fun extra! 
  • Smile! You're at the beach, having fun, and a smile is always your best accessory! 
What are your tips for looking great at the beach? 

What I Wore: Wardrobe All-Star

I have quite a few dresses, but it seems like sometimes I turn to the same ones over and over for a period of time. I tend to get a new item, wear it to death, retire it for a while, then don't pull it back out for a while. This dress definitely falls into the "all-time favorite" category- it's been through that cycle a few times! It was part of the CFDA/Gap collaboration two years ago- it's one of the Vena Cava pieces. I bought it when I was in New York for the summer interning, and probably wore it once a week the entire summer. Looking back, I wish I had bought the short sleeved version, as well as the Alexander Wang motorcycle jacket from that collaboration, too! Back to the dress-it is comfortable, pretty flattering, has an interesting print, and it has pockets, which is always a plus. When I was deciding what dresses to pack for our little summer adventure, I decided that this dress definitely had to make the trip!

{Vena Cava x Gap dress, R2 shoes, Ray-Ban sunglasses, vintage jewelry}

What are your wardrobe all-stars? 

What I Wore: Remix

I picked up the dress I'm wearing below a few weeks back, and last wore it as a dress in this post. When I went to dinner tonight at my parent's country club (where I got married!) I decided to tone it down a bit and turn the dress into a top, and wear it with jeans! it's a great little trick to expand your wardrobe, whether you're at home, or while traveling with limited options. The last time I wore this, I had my hair down, but the back of the top is really interesting, so I'm glad I decided to wear my hair up!I think I like the "dress" equally as a top and a dress, and it'll be great to layer with in the fall. I paired the "top" with my grandmother's earrings (borrowed from my sister) and a turquoise necklace I picked up at a consignment store when I dropped off a load of clothes earlier this week. 

{Top: Francesca's, Jeans: Uniqlo, Shoes: Steve Madden,
Necklace: Consignment store, Earrings: VIntage}

What pieces pull double duty in your wardrobe? 

What I Wore: Nice and Neutral

Summer is definitely here! I bought this dress last summer, and I haven't worn it a ton, but it may be the perfect summer dress- lightweight, comfortable, but still cute. I threw it on to meet some friends for a little double date last night. It's been great to see friends and family while I've been in Arizona. 

These sandals are my new "perfect" summer sandals. I had been searching for the perfect pair, found the ones in this post, wore them five times, and the sole came totally off the wedge! I was definitely bummer, but walked into Macy's to return the first pair, and found this pair I liked better! Win-win.

{Dress: BCBG, Sandals: R2, from Macy's, Sunglasses, Ray-Ban, Jewelry: Vintage}

What's your favorite thing to wear in summer? 

Links à la Mode

I'm so excited to be picked as one of IFB's favorite links of the week. Wearing my mom's prom dress was a lot of fun, and I'm glad I got to share it with everyone! Check out the other great posts below! 

The Love Letter

Edited by Vahni of Grit & Glamour

It's been a cerebral and cathartic week in the fashion blogosphere—the wheels were turning in your stylish little heads about all manner of contemplations. Why do we hate ourselves? Why do we tell ourselves that we're not worthy? Why do we categorize and judge other bloggers by their style? Or their handbags? Several of you had a come-to-Jesus moment and realized that's just a whole lot of malarkey. And I'm so glad you did.
And you know what else bloggers realized? That blogging has enabled you to embrace you. The real you. With your flaws and imperfections, no matter your skin color, weight, or age. In her post, A Love Letter to Personal Bloggers, Anika eloquently captured what many of us feel when we begin to understand the deeper significance of blogging:

You inspire me. Your outfits, your book reviews, your thoughts, your replies to my comments. You make me feel good about me. When I visit your site you make me feel that I matter, that we are equal, never mind if I am a blogger or not. When I am reading your blog it does not matter how thin/fat/popular/lonely I am, when I am reading your blog I am hanging out with you, knowing that you are hanging out with me too.
...Darling personal bloggers, you are impacting our culture, our trends, our lives, me. Thank you for that.
And this is my love letter to all of you. It takes tenacity, guts, patience, creativity, and time to blog. Love you, be you. Care, share, go forth, and go blog!

Links à la Mode: June 9th

SPONSOR: Women's Tees at Shopbop: 291 Venice, Vince tops, Alexander Wang tees, So Low tops, Daftbird, Sauce tees, Ksubi, Three Dots, Marcus Lupfer, Rebecca Taylor, Blue Moon, Velvet tees.

Jewel Box

When I moved to Virginia, I accidentally left all of my jewelry, save for a watch and a few earrings, in Phoenix. I was so excited to pull out all of my old favorites, so I decided I'd snap a few pics for the blog. I'm lucky to have had a great grandmother and grandmother with excellent (and eclectic) taste in jewelry- most of my favorite pieces were passed on from them! I've picked up a few gems of my own along the way, and I think that jewelry adds so much to an outfit! 

{bracelets, from L-R, grandmother's, Patina (gift from sister),
Marc by Marc Jacobs, grandmother's}
{earrings, clockwise from top: grandmother's,
gift from friend, gift from friend, and my college sorority (Chi Omega) badge/pin}
{Necklaces, Left to Right: Gift from MIL (Stella and Dot),
Pink necklace: H+M, Silver (inset) Grandmother's, Outside: Fetty of Brooklyn}
{shot to the heart necklace from the Fetty of Brooklyn}
{Rings, from L-R: Made Her Think, Ring made out of a clip on earring
from my great grandmother that my mom had made for me, gift from friend, Marc Jacobs}
{two pairs of earrings from my great-grandmother}
 What is your favorite piece of jewelry? 

What I Wore: Floral Fun

I picked up this dress while shopping in Flagstaff this weekend at a little local boutique. My mom actually spotted it on the sale rack, and I'm so glad she did! I love the color, and I think I'll be able to wear it as a top, too. I'm definitely one of those people that want to wear their latest purchase right away, so when I got dressed for lunch with some old friends, I decided I'd wear this! I think it might have been cuter with a gray belt and black shoes, but I wanted to wear this morning more than I wanted to wait find the perfect belt! I still love the way it turned out though, and the fabric is thin enough that it was cool, even in the Arizona heat!

{Dress: Basement (boutique in Flagstaff), Belt: Gap,
Shoes: Steve Madden, Watch: Michael Kors}

Do  you "save" new clothes, or do you wear them as soon as you can?

What I Wore: Roadtrip!

On Sunday, my mom, dad, and sister took a little road trip to Flagstaff, a town two hours north of Phoenix (and twenty five degrees cooler) to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew to celebrate my nephew's 5th birthday! We only stayed a few hours, but it was enough time to get a little shopping in at the cute downtown boutiques (outfit post coming tomorrow), and spend a couple hours with the family, sitting outside in the sunshine, watching a bluegrass band. It was a great way to spend the afternoon! 

{Top: From high school, tags cut out, Jeans: Uniqlo, Flats: Gap, Belt: American Eagle}
{The sunshine-soaked patio where  we spent the afternoon}
{The legendary Hotel Monte VIsta, which is supposedly haunted by train robbers}
What did you do this weekend?

What I Wore: All in the Family

One of my favorite things to do when I'm at my parent's house is to go through my mom's old clothes and jewelry. I've had a few of her very 80s dresses altered, and can't wait for the weather to cool down again so I can wear them. When my sister and I were growing up, my mom and grandma always made sure we had a ton of dress up clothes (some old bridesmaids dresses, some costumes my grandma made), and I guess the habit of ransacking her closet to play dress up stuck! One of my favorite "costumes" to wear was her senior prom dress- a white, grecian dress that made me feel like a movie star! I saw a long white maxi dress in a magazine a couple weeks back and immediately texted my mom (who was in the midst of an epic closet purge) to make sure she saved the white dress for when I came home to visit! Saturday night, I met some old friends for drinks, and wore her prom dress, with another one of her crazy belts, and I loved the way it turned out, and was a great conversation starter, to boot!

Dress and belt: Mom's closet, Shoes: Steve Madden

My Mom and her prom date, circa 1980

Do you ever wear your mom's old dresses? 

What I Wore: KISS

One of my professors once told me to use what she called the "KISS principle" when I was coming up with a research hypothesis for a paper. I had no idea what she was talking about, so I asked, and she replied, "Keep It Simple, Stupid." It was great advice for the research (even though I briefly balked at the "stupid" part), and I've found it can be great advice for many other areas in life, including dressing. I mean, I love layering and making outfits as much as the next girl, but some days, you have to KISS. I spent most of my Saturday packing, and when it came time to get dressed for a dinner date, I was a bit burned out on outfit-making. So I went with a tried and true, simple, combo: striped tank and jeans. I added some of my highest heels, and I was good to go! 

Jeans: Uniqlo/DIY, Shoes: Steve Madden, Tank, H+M,
Necklace: Dress Barn (via giveaway),  Belt: American Eagle (from probably 10 years ago)

What's your favorite simple outfit? 

Links à la Mode

I'm so excited that IFB picked my post on packing for a looong, two month trip as one of their links of the week! Check out all of the other great posts below! 

Windows Into Our Worlds

Edited by Meghan Donovan of WIT & Whimsy

I've said it before, but one of the reasons I love fashion blogging so much is because it has the power to be very personal and connect you with people whom you may never have met otherwise. This week's Links a La Mode show you just how intimate one's blog can become when you open up your readers to visits to neighborhood boutiques, DIYs done on a rainy Sunday or similar styles perfected by fellow bloggers. Our blogging allows for little windows into our worlds and its often what makes writing and photographing for posts so very worthwhile.

Links à la Mode: June 2nd

Cami Tops at Shopbop: Free People, Tucker tops, Alexander Wang tees, Lanston tees, Blue life, Rory Beca, Rachel Pally tops, Georgie clothing, Dallin Chase, Parker tops, Blue Moon.

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What I Wore: Polo Ponies

On Sunday, Brett and I headed out to one of our favorite local wineries (King Family Vineyard), to watch a polo match! The weather was perfect-sunny and WARM, and people just chilled and drank wine and watched the match. It was a perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon, and I hope we'll be able to do it again sometime (if you're interested, there's a match every Sunday through September). I tried to dress cool, and kept my hair off my neck with a side braid- I'm working on experimenting more, like I talked about in this post.

Tank: Old Navy, Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: GxGuess

Have you ever been to a polo match? What did you wear?