What I Wore: Fuchsia Fun

One of my many (non-specific) New Year's resolutions was to shop my closet more, partially to not shop the mall so much, and partially in an attempt to clean out my closet before I move it across the country! I've had this blazer forever (literally, since high school), and I was frantically getting ready for a day that included work, errands, wedding food tasting, and a few other things, to boot! This outfit was a cute and comfy solution that was appropriate for everything I was up to. 

Blazer: American Eagle, Top: Vintage Escada,
 Jeans: Uniqlo, Bag: Kate Spade, Boots: Frye
What do you wear on hectic days? 

New Year, New Earrings

It's been awhile since I've posted about my ongoing obsession with aggressive accessories, but I found these Soo Ihn Kim Elise earrings at Hint Boutique, $45, and I think I officially have a new jewelry crush! The spikes are a little aggressive, but somehow feminine, too, which makes them seem like a perfect addition to any jewelry wardrobe. 

Do you have any new jewelry crushes?

Inspiration from Unlikely Places

I'm not really a Las Vegas girl- the idea of partying til dawn has never really appealed to me, but I was recently taken aback by the gorgeous interiors of the recently opened Cosmopolitan Hotel in a TV commercial, so I decided to do a little online investigating. These images of guest rooms are so anti-Vegas, and I think I'd like to move in, if I could! 

Have you ever found design inspiration in an unlikely place? 

Little (Winter) White Dresses

I'm so blessed to have two bridal showers coming up this month. Of course the question with any special event is always, "But what will I wear?!" I've always worn cute sundresses to friends' showers, but since mine are in January, I'm on the lookout for something a little warmer! I saw this dress on Jessica of What I Wore, and I think it may be just the thing I was looking for! 

What would you wear to a winter shower?

Back in Action

Hello, everyone! Sorry for the silence- the holidays got a little nuts, and I've had a few little health issues (nerve damage in the hand makes typing a little tough sometimes!), but I'm ready to be back to the blog in the new year!