What I Wore: Mustard Pants

So, I bought these pants in NYC at H+M. As soon as Brett saw them, he laughed and said they were the color of baby poop. Yes, he told me I had pants that looked poopy. And yes, I still wore them! I liked the color a lot, and they were super inexpensive (I'm now wishing I had bought the navy color, too!), so I decided to go for it. I'm still trying to meet people in Charlottesville, and last night, I had my very first little blogger meet up, with Dana from Cville Fashion! It was so much fun to meet another fashion blogger, and make a new friend, too. 

{Top: Tunic from Uniqlo, worn as a top, Pants: H+M, Shoes: Hive and Honey via Piperlime,
necklace: Dress Barn via giveaway, Watch: Michael Kors}

Does your significant other always like what you wear? 


  1. I bought the navy ones and I LOVE them. I also bought a mustard colored shirt there that I wore yesterday and my boyfriend gave me lots of complements on it.
    But a lot of times he doesn't get my style when I'm shopping, so that's why he doesn't go shopping haha his comments are not welcome.


  2. I thought you looked amazing and no, your pants don't remind me of poop. :)
    Kurt has no filter and never hesitates to tell me if he doesn't like something. :) But usually he warms up to it, or just gets over it! Although there was one day I tried to wear a vintage windbreaker out on the Mall and he absolutely refused to be seen with me, so I had to leave it at home. He was right on that one, I'm kind of thankful he didn't let me wear it! It was pretty bad.

  3. Ummmm, I LOVE the color of those pants! I honestly dress for me -- I wear what I think is chic and flattering and it's usually well-received, but I've definitely had boyfriends question certain choices (wedge booties, haha).
    xo Josie