Sweat it Out: Workout Essentials

I've been trying really hard the last few months to get back in shape, and I always feel better at the gym if I have something semi-cute on while I sweat. Today, I thought I'd share four of my personal essentials, plus a couple extra that I think you might want when you hit the gym! 

1. I have a pair of these Gap pants, and I love them. I didn't used to like working out in pants, but these kind of bridge the gap between pants and shorts, are comfortable, but look way more pulled together than my ratty sweats.
2. I'm not a runner, so I've never used an iPhone strap, but with the number of these babies I see at the gym, they are clearly an essential for most gym-goers.
3. I think this Puma bag would make a great gym bag, and it is cute and functional, to boot! 
4. I own these Nike shoes in white and pink, and they are super comfortable and supportive, and they come in countless color combinations. 
5. I bought a version of this CamelBak water bottle (mine doesn't have the water filtration system in it) recently, and it's perfect- no leaking, and it's easy to drink out of when you're on the elliptical.
6. I have a few pairs of these Nike Tempo shorts, and to me, they're the best workout shorts out there, hands down. And the pairs I've had for a few years still look brand new, so they'll last! 

What are your workout essentials? 


  1. My workout essentials: supportive & comfortable tennis shoes, my ipod, and a good sports bra!

  2. Those Nike shorts are my LIFE. So great. My iPod and my favorite Nikes are my musts!
    xo Josie

  3. I was just noticing the other day how hard it is to drink water from a conventional bottle while on the elliptical... I might have to get me one of those CamelBaks! Thanks!

    Love your blog, btw. ;)