Monogram Jewelry

I've loved monograms for as long as I can remember, for some reason. I don't know when my obsession started, but I love all kinds- fancy, simple, modern, you name it! My monogram obsession reached fever  pitch during wedding planning, and my lovely aunt designed Brett and I a gorgeous, modern monogram of our own, that is now on towels and champagne flutes in our home. I recently started reading Atlantic-Pacific, and I noticed her amazing monogram necklace right off the bat, and I've had the necklace (featured below) pulled up in my browser for the last week. I decided I'd round up a few of my favorite monogrammed jewelry pieces that I've found while online browsing, so here they are, along with a photo of Blair from Atlantic-Pacific, wearing that awesome necklace! (For what it's worth, her's is the gold fill option, and I love the gold tone of it, instead of the silver that's pictured below, but that's the only view the online store shows.) 

1. While not technically a full monogram, this Catbird ring, $88, is simple, modern, and sweet.
2. This is the ring version, $235, of Blair's pendant necklace, and it's a really unique take on a monogram ring- it would be the perfect thing for someone looking to make a statement!
3. Obviously, this is my favorite out of this little roundup. I think this would be the perfect signature necklace, and it's a piece you could wear for years. It's $210 for the gold fill, and also comes in silver, white gold, solid yellow gold, and rose gold.
4. There isn't a more classic piece of jewelry, save for a strand of pearls, than a monogram signet ring. This version, from Tiffany, is pricey at $1,550, but it's a piece you could pass down for generations to come.
5. Rings and necklaces not your thing? I'm also loving this bangle, $66, which would look perfect stacked with an armful of bangles or worn solo. 

Blair from Atlantic-Pacific

Do you have any signature jewelry? Do you like monograms as much as I do?


  1. I love that last bangle! Really pretty picks, my dear.
    xo Josie

  2. Gorgeous pieces!I love the Atlantic-Pacific blog as well! I am currently on the hunt for a new statement necklace!