Closet Organization

So this weekend, the rest of my clothes arrived (via my car that was shipped) in Virginia. While most of my stuff has been here for months, there were still some additions to the closet to be made, so I decided to take some time and straighten things up in our closet, and I decided I would share a few photos of little solutions I've found work  for me!  I definitely think that when your closet is more organized, you wear more of your clothes and getting ready is so much easier, because you can actually see all of your options. 

So here's what we're working with...
Brett keeps most of his clothes in drawers, and I hang pretty much everything, save gym clothes, up. He still has room in the closet for the stuff that needs to be hung up, but I definitely take up more room in the closet! 

I fold all of my sweaters to save the shoulders from getting stretched out by the hanger, and decided to keep them out in the closet instead of in a drawer, so I can see what I have more easily.

I stack all of my purses next to one another, again, so I can see what I'm working with. I'm terrible about changing out my handbags, so I'm going to try to work on that, and hopefully having all of them out will remind me to do so! 

I keep my boots from falling over by sticking wine bottles inside them when I put them in the closet. Rolled up magazines work well, too! 

I try to keep my tops arranged by sleeve length, and roughly by color (truth be told, they aren't always, but hey, it's ok!) and this weekend, I switched all of my summer tops to the back of the closet, since I won't be reaching for them for a few months. 

Before this weekend, all of my tights were sitting in a heap in a drawer, and I could never find the pair I wanted. I looped them over hangers so I can find them more easily. Since I have a hard time telling navy and black apart sometimes, I put all of my black tights on white hangers, and all of the non-black ones on a blue hanger! 

I keep all of my belts on thumbtacks behind my tops- my one exception to my "you need to see it to wear it" rule. I've tried belt hangers before, and I just always feel like they all get tangled up! 

I did the same thing I did with my tights with my scarves. Random note, but I realized I have a strangely high number of scarves for someone who previously lived in a desert!

I love these shoe hangers- I have this one in this closet, and we keep another in our coat closet, too. I've had these hangers for a few years, but you can buy a similar one here. They make seeing my shoes easy, and I can get a pair in one cubby for most pairs.

I keep the majority of my pants on the lower rack, folded over once, and my skirts (and Brett's shorts) behind them, again, color-coordinated.  You can barely see it, but in the corner is one of our hampers. We keep three- one for each of us, plus one for dry cleaning (under Brett's suits), which makes things easier when we're sorting laundry or taking everything to the cleaners- the hamper bags come out, and have handles for carrying! 

How do you keep your closet organized? 


  1. You've done an amazing job. I just sort things by type and try to keep it all together, haha.
    xo Josie

  2. A good way to organize and separate your bags is to use bookends from Ikea, they're really thin, and easy to install. It also looks like your have a more customized closet.
    I also keep most of my belts on a hanger because I don't have the space to put them up separately.
    I'm desperately trying to figure out a way to organize my shoes in a very limited space, I currently have a shelf but it's hanging on it's last thread of life :P

    your closet looks amazing and your organizing is inspiring :) I think I know how I'll be spending my first weekend home!

  3. You did an amazing job. I'm actually in the middle (ok...the beginning) of cleaning out my closet and re-organizing it for the Fall and some of your organizing techniques are helpful. Cool post!

  4. Aline- the bookends are a great idea! And the shoe organizer that I use is a lifesaver!

  5. Blimey this is organised : ) Like the idea of using wine bottles or magazines to keep boots in shape. I like to this that if my wardrobe was this big I'd be more organised too.... maybe....

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