What I Wore: Bold Print

I realized last week that although I've worn this top a ton in the last couple months (in my two suitcase for two and a half months adventure), it had yet to wind up in an outfit post! I usually tuck in this top since it's kind of boxy, but I decided to mix things up and belt it and leave it untucked instead! I love the bold print of this top- I know it was kind of ubiquitous in the fashion blog world last fall, since it was a part of the Tucker for Target collection, but I still love mine, and plan to wear it plenty more this fall, too! PS- I'm back in Virginia now, and while I'm sad to leave family, friends, and the beach behind, I'm very excited to be reunited with my closet! 

{Top: Tucker for Target, Skirt: Gap, Belt: Shareen's Vintage, Shoes: Soft}


  1. Cute blouse I don't blame your for wearing it a lot. I've seen that print in dress form, I didn't know they made blouses too.


  2. I LOVE my Tucker for Target pieces! You look phenomenal.
    xo Josie

  3. Miranda- the blouse came out with the original Tucker for Target collection last Fall, and there was a dress (that I wish I bought) that was re-released when Target did that 50 dress collection from all their collabs this spring!

  4. I love the belted look! Gives your waist shape despite an oversized top. Cute!!

  5. I like how you look.


  6. That blouse reminds me of Ayukawa Madoka! When did my blogs start crossing! From my other blog (the one about my favorite Japanese animation series, Kimagure Orange Road): http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-WGXymKSy0cs/ThUYvdyN1bI/AAAAAAAABFQ/-LsjaR44D6U/s1600/jumpkorcovers%2B6.jpeg

    Do you see the similarity in the blouses?

  7. Kionin- That is so crazy! It's practically the same shirt!