Two Months in Two Suitcases: The End!

I thought it would be fun to do a little wrap up post to my packing for two and half months in two suitcase post! If you're new around here, my husband had an internship in California this summer, so we spent the summer there, with time in Arizona (where we're from originally, live in Virginia now) at the beginning and end of our trip, for a 10-week trip, total. We had a great summer, and I feel like I got a lot more creative with creating different outfits out of my smaller wardrobe. A few of these outfits below are new items or borrowed from my mom or sister, so they weren't in my original post, but I didn't photograph every outfit or item I brought, so it breaks about even. I definitely became better at remixing things, and did a little closet suitcase clean out before we came home to get rid of worn out stuff, and so I could fit my new purchases in! I learned a few things about packing, too. I probably should have brought a couple less dressy dresses, since I didn't get dressed up a ton, and I probably could have done with fewer workout tshirts, since we had easy access to a washer and dryer. As for the one big thing I forgot: CONTACT LENSES. Yes, I didn't bring any contacts, save the pair in my eyes, but fortunately, a friend rescued me and sent me some from our apartment. Whew! Lesson learned. All in all, I think I did a pretty good job, and I definitely had a great summer! Here are the outfit pics from our little adventure: 

So, how do you think I did? 


  1. Two months? In TWO SUITCASES? You're my new hero, lady!
    xo Josie

  2. I totally agree with Josie :)

    And I love all the outfit in a unique post, I adore the photo with the rose dress, so Marilyn style ;)

  3. Holy crap!!! I can hardly go for one weekend with two suitcases!!! Um, yeah you're awesome. And these outfits are adorable. I don't see a single repeating one!