DIY to Try: Lyric "Art"

So, confession: I'm one of those people that think of great DIY ideas, but don't usually try them, and if I do, I have a bad habit of not finishing them without major "help" from my mom or sister (help meaning I watch, they finish). But since I'm living on the other side of the country from both of them, I know that I have to finish any projects I start! After we got back to Charlottesville, I decided some of our apartment's walls were a little too bare for my liking, so I was looking around on Pinterest for some (very) easy or cheap "art" ideas to hang! I came across this idea in a few different formats, but modified it for my liking. 

So the project: I decided to make lyric "art"by downloading a cool typeface (I used Signerica, a free download from and typing out the lyrics to "Put Your Head on My Shoulder," which was our first dance song at our wedding! I did mine in Photoshop Express, but this would totally work in Word, too! Pick a song that means something to you, type out the words, and then highlight the particular words you want to stand out by changing the color of your text. Find a cool frame, and you have your own little personalized print! 

Any other ideas for fun, easy DIY for me? 


  1. Love it way to be creative & follow through with it! I'm so that girl with a million unfinished projects, & most don't make it out of my head :)

  2. This is SUCH a fun idea! I'm going to try it for my dorm room.
    xo Josie

  3. That's so adorable! I'll definitely be trying it out soon :).
    - Laura S

  4. Brookelyn, I heard you had this blog. It's so awesome! I will definitely be stopping in every week. :) This framed DIY is so cute!