Coveting: Hardwood in the Home

Confession time, guys. I've been cheating on fashion with furniture. Well, technically it's just an emotional affair- I've spent countless hours recently looking at home design magazines, websites, and blogs. Since Brett and I are only going to be in Virginia for a couple years, we're renting, but I've been swooning over a very specific, very permanent (non-apartment dweller friendly) furnishing as of late- hardwood. Whether it's on floors, cabinetry, or ceilings, I'm kind of obsessed. Hardwood furniture is also gorgeous, and I'm thinking I may give my dresser a little "update" with a coat of bright white paint one of these days, which just seems so fresh, but the piece still has the durability of hardwood. Most homes where I grew up were of the tile and carpet variety, so maybe it's just the idea of something new, but I feel like American hardwood floors are just so classic.

My favorite style? Wide, dark boards on the floor paired with crisp white cabinetry! Plus, the more I research, the more I realize how great hardwood floors really are- they are easy to clean, easy on the allergies, and obviously, easy on the eyes.

{credit: Armstrong Hardwood Flooring}
{credit: Jon Miller, Hedrich Blessing Photographers}
Here are a few more of my favorite looks that I've been collecting- they are all so different, but they all have a common theme- gorgeous hardwood used throughout!

A mix of various hardwoods adds dimension and warmth to a kitchen.
{credit: Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.}
Extra light natural maplewood paired with bright paint makes a room airy and fun, all at once!
{credit: Mullican Flooring}
The detail work on these gorgeous poplar beams makes the ceiling the center of attention in this kitchen.
{credit: White River Hardwoods}
The dark hardwood floors pair so well with bright white linens, and I'd love to go to sleep in this room every night!
{credit: Armstrong Hardwood Flooring}
To learn more about hardwood and to gather  gorgeous inspiration photos of your own like these, visit The American Hardwood Information Center's  website,

Are you as crazy for hardwood floors as I am? What's your favorite style? 


  1. I LOVE hardwood floors. They look so chic and can be super versatile. Plus, I love rugs!
    xo Josie

  2. I feel the same. I told Brad that I would want to tear out all the carpet in his house becaise it is basically trashed and put in hardwood floors... He doesn't understand. It's really unfortunate... Not mention, if you clean your hardwood floors with Pledge, you can slide all over the place in your socks. IT'S AWESOME

  3. We opted not for true wood, but a really sophisticated artificial material. I, honestly, can't tell the difference. Looks and feels great. We used to have carpeting all over the house, and it was in really terrible shape. It was a good decision.