Tech Crush

I'm not going to lie. When it comes to "tech" accessories, mine aren't usually super stylish. My MacBook  Pro has a plain black neoprene case, as do both my cameras, my old BlackBerry and my current iPhone. I've just never really stepped out of the box in that department. But when I first saw this Kate Spade iPhone cover, it was little bit of love at first sight! What sealed the deal for me? The circled ad for the BROOKLYN BOOK CLUB! I'm a huge reader, a big fan of  red and black, and, well, my name is Brookelyn. My only hesitation on ordering? I've heard mixed reviews on the protection factor of hard vs. soft cases. Does anyone have one of these cases? Do you love it? Does it protect your phone? I'd appreciate any advice! Thanks! 


  1. I have been an iPhone user for a few years now, had the first generation and currently own the 3GS. I love my hard case by Jonathan Adler. I tried a silicone case back w/ my original iPhone and hated it. I was so excited when it ripped so I could go back to my hard case :) I love how much more sturdy a hard case is, it slides in and out of my purse/pocket so much easier. However, the most important thing I would say in picking out an iPhone case is making sure the case in fact wraps up around the sides of the phone and creates a ledge/buffer for the front piece of glass. This prevents the glass front from being able to touch hard surfaces, like say when you drop it and it shatters. Only saying this because I had a case that just clipped on the back of my 3GS and when I dropped my phone face down on my tile floor it shattered into a million pieces, not pretty! The only thing that may have prevented that is the case that wraps around just enough to keep that glass from coming in contact with the floor :)
    This case also just seems to perfect for you! I think it is a must buy :) Hope this helps!

  2. This is SO cute! I don't have an iPhone but honestly, this case is so darling that I'd buy it regardless of the protection factor... This is why I'm a shopaholic.
    xo Josie