Shareen's Vintage

I love vintage clothes, but sometimes vintage clothing stores or thrift stores overwhelm me, so, while I love the idea of vintage clothes, I have very, very few pieces. On Saturday, I went to Shareen's Vintage in downtown LA, and it was unlike any other vintage store I've visited- in a good way.  I had heard of Shareen's before- I had meant to go when I was in NYC, but it never worked out, and a friend of a friend is one of Shareen's assistants in LA, but I had never gone to the shop until this weekend. The shop, and Shareen herself, has recently become the subject of a new reality show on Planet Green called Dresscue Me (I've only seen clips, but it looks like a great look into how vintage shops work!). It was a little tough to find, but it was SO worth the drive! Upon arrival, Brett and I were faced with a huge sign that said, "NO BOYS ALLOWED." I hesitantly knocked on the door, and Shareen answered- and yes, there are no boys allowed, because there are no dressing rooms in the store! Brett took off, and I went in to the massive warehouse style store. 

{my new dress and belt}
The store was really well organized, which helped immensely, and the staff was super helpful, which helped even more. The shop girl showed me each section- the dresses are separated out by length, then sleeve length, and the formal clothing (vintage beaded and sequin evening gowns on a level I've never seen before) has a separate section. Additionally, Shareen keeps a archive collection as well, of various design houses and styles from different decades. Designers and students come to look at these clothes for inspiration, but most of those pieces aren't for sale. I started picking up some of the pieces, and formed a little pile, and started trying things on. 

If you get the opportunity to visit Shareen's (and if you get the opportunity, seize it!), I highly recommend wearing undergarments you're comfortable undressing in front of others in. (I didn't take any photos in the shop because I didn't want to creep anyone out that was trying on clothes!) Shareen and her staff were the ultimate professionals, and didn't even bat an eye at helping me get dresses on and off, but if you're shy, you might consider wearing leggings and a thin camisole for a little more privacy. 

One of my shopping pet peeves is a shop person telling you something looks great on you when it obviously does not, just to get you to buy something. Shareen absolutely didn't do that, and I loved that. At one point, she could tell that even though a dress fit me, it wasn't really me- and she told me to take it off so we could find something that I LOVED- which are the kind of clothes you should be buying! As she figured out my style better (I kept gravitating towards 50s and 60s nipped in waists), she kept pulling more things off the racks, and I wound up leaving with two vintage dresses I'm obsessed with (I wore the one in these pictures the very next day), and the perfect double wrap leather belt, which Shareen has made especially for the shop. 

All in all, it was one of the most fun and certainly most unique experiences I've ever had while shopping. If you ever are in NYC or LA, I highly recommend Shareen's- and if you can't make it to either coast, she has a great online shop, as well! 

{dresses you can twirl in are the best kind}


  1. Oh wow I love this dress! It does look perfect on you. Next time I am visiting my boyfriend's family in California I will be sure to get someone to drive me to Shareen's! It sounds amazing!x

  2. I LOVE that little dress and belt on you! It sounds like you had a fab experience there; I'm' so glad!
    xo Josie

  3. Cutest twirl picture Brookelyn! Love the dress and the belt! I need to go to this store before I leave CA! Please go with me!