What I Wore: Wide Legs

I bought these boot-cut jeans two years ago in NYC at Uniqlo, and at the time I was in a skinny jean only phase, but I needed wide legs for my sorority recruitment, they fit and were cute, so home they went. I literally wore them for one day of recruitment, and didn't slip them on again until a few weeks ago. I absolutely love my skinny jeans, and have no plans to get rid of them any time soon, but I'm digging these wider legs, too!  They're comfy, and a little bit cooler, and seem very of the moment (again), since so many stores are carrying the style again!  I'm tempted to pick up a lighter wash pair, too, for a little more of a boho vibe! I wore this outfit to meet two of my girlfriends for a little wine and cheese at Postino (if you're ever in AZ, I highly recommend).

{Jeans: Uniqlo, Shoes: R2, Top: Francescas, Necklace: Stella and Dot, 
Necklace worn as bracelet: thrifted, Watch: Michael Kors}

Are you a skinny jeans addict or a wide legged lover? 


  1. I love that bracelet or necklace...whatever it actually is,its divine!!
    I am more of a wide legged jeans gal...

  2. Ya know...I'm torn! Skinnys are so sexy while wide legs are more sophisticated and chic. I like a bit of both in moderation. Soooo...do I really have to choose!?


  3. I love that bracelet and watch together! And those jeans look perfect on you.
    xo Josie

  4. love the bracelet/necklace! I made a turquoise necklace about 2 weeks ago as I believe it is a very summer-y accessory!