What I Wore: Road Trip!

Brett and I packed out bags this morning, and we're leaving Phoenix to drive to Newport Beach, where we'll be living for the rest of the summer (Brett's interning nearby)! I'm so excited to spend the summer over there (perfect weather, and the beach? count me in)! I decided to snap a few pics and do a post before I left, since I wound up finishing packing early (yeah, that never happens)! I wanted to be semi comfortable in the car, but still look cute, so I paired my favorite pair of shorts with a chambray shirt, and a new little hat I picked up in the guy's department at H+M last week. I know I'll probably toss the hat off when it comes time to take a little nap, but it's nice to have in case my hair looks not-so-hot when we get there! 

{Hat: H+M Men's, Shorts: Gap, Shirt and Belt: American Eagle, Shoes: Cole Haan}

Hope you have a good weekend! 


  1. You look cute AND comfortable -- both "musts" on a road trip!
    xo Josie

  2. I agree with Josie- so very cute and comfortable! I especially love the way you pull of that hat, it is really adorable! :)

    star-crossed smile

  3. Love the sandals, agree with the ladies above comfort and cuteness are musts!!!! and you pulled both off!

  4. very cute and easy!!!

    Hope the drive went well!!!!!!

  5. love the hat!


  6. Very cute and comfy looking outfit :)
    Love the hat! I almost got a similar one from the men's section of Zara (they just make better hats for guys I guess :P)

  7. I really like that hat! A lot! your outfit looks chic yet comfortable, perfect for travelling :)