What I Wore: Nice and Neutral

Summer is definitely here! I bought this dress last summer, and I haven't worn it a ton, but it may be the perfect summer dress- lightweight, comfortable, but still cute. I threw it on to meet some friends for a little double date last night. It's been great to see friends and family while I've been in Arizona. 

These sandals are my new "perfect" summer sandals. I had been searching for the perfect pair, found the ones in this post, wore them five times, and the sole came totally off the wedge! I was definitely bummer, but walked into Macy's to return the first pair, and found this pair I liked better! Win-win.

{Dress: BCBG, Sandals: R2, from Macy's, Sunglasses, Ray-Ban, Jewelry: Vintage}

What's your favorite thing to wear in summer? 


  1. My summer begins on Monday 1 pm (lat final) I can't wait to wear ALLL my summer dresses (my favorite thing to wear in summer).
    Those do look like the perfect summer wedges btw, I should hit macy's when I'm in the states this summer :)

    Ps. Have I mentioned how much I love your blog? I think it's my new favorite!