What I Wore; BFFs and Cupcakes

I've been loving being in Newport the past weeks, and yesterday, I got the chance to have a little friend date with one of my oldest friends, Meggie. It's always so great catching up with old friends! We went to a little happy hour, and then went to get Sprinkles, which is always a great way to end an afternoon (Meg got  key lime, and I got gluten-free red velvet, yum!). I've been wearing these self-destructed Uniqlo jeans all the time the last week, since it's a little chilly in the mornings and evenings (no complaints here!). I picked up the top and belt on major clearance at Gap, and I'm already plotting all the ways I'm going to wear this precious glitter belt!

{Top: Gap, Jeans: Uniqlo, Shoes: Soft, Belt: Gap, Purse: Vintage, Watch: Michael Kors}


  1. lovely photos & cupcakes!! :)


  2. That glittery belt is too cute. I love catching up with old friends!
    xo Josie

  3. Awesome clearance buys! I love it when you find something great in the sales. The belt is so cute. I'll have to check out sprinkles next time I'm over as I've read about it in a few blogs this week! yum!x

  4. Thanks, Josie and Michelle!

    JB- you MUST try Sprinkles at some point- they are amazing, and they have a few locations, too.

  5. Cute outfit! And, those cupcakes look delicious :)

  6. What could be better than best friends and cupcakes?! :D Also, I love your sheer shirt! =)

    star-crossed smile

  7. hi girl!

    i cant pull off the baggy jean look (hmm now that im thinking about it, i have never given it ago, so maybe it would work?) but anyway, i really like this look on you.

    mm, those cupcakes!

    -fb X

  8. Yum Sprinkles! And yay for meeting up with friends :). I loooooove those uniqlo jeans, I find rip in the knee to be so darn sexy!