What I Wore: All in the Family

One of my favorite things to do when I'm at my parent's house is to go through my mom's old clothes and jewelry. I've had a few of her very 80s dresses altered, and can't wait for the weather to cool down again so I can wear them. When my sister and I were growing up, my mom and grandma always made sure we had a ton of dress up clothes (some old bridesmaids dresses, some costumes my grandma made), and I guess the habit of ransacking her closet to play dress up stuck! One of my favorite "costumes" to wear was her senior prom dress- a white, grecian dress that made me feel like a movie star! I saw a long white maxi dress in a magazine a couple weeks back and immediately texted my mom (who was in the midst of an epic closet purge) to make sure she saved the white dress for when I came home to visit! Saturday night, I met some old friends for drinks, and wore her prom dress, with another one of her crazy belts, and I loved the way it turned out, and was a great conversation starter, to boot!

Dress and belt: Mom's closet, Shoes: Steve Madden

My Mom and her prom date, circa 1980

Do you ever wear your mom's old dresses? 


  1. I do indeed sometimes wear some of my mum's old dresses from the 70's and 80's. I posted a few pics of them on my blog recently too.
    And my sister and I used to dress up in them when I was younger too! I love the white dress and so nice to wear something that your mum wore on a special night like prom. x

  2. How cute are you!? :) That's so fun that you can raid your mom's old clothes and look fabulous!

  3. Wooooooow, cool dress! And what an interesting belt!
    Unfortunately, my Mom isn't big on keeping old clothes, so I didn't get much from her :(.

  4. Love this! I wish I could do that, but my mum got rid of all the clothes she wore when she was younger (plus she was super skinny, I doubt I'd fit any of it!) although I can raid her current wardrobe which has some sweet pieces in it

  5. I do the same thing in my mom's closet!!!

    You look fantastic--- and your mom did at prom!!! So good!

  6. Mom and I aren't the same size... nor have the same taste. But you rock in that white wonder!

  7. GREAT dress, that is amazing!!

    Buy a hat, you won't regret the decision, I was hesitant too, but I'm having so much fun with it :)


  8. Well... uh... no. :P

    But I do steal sweaters from her from time to time. And she's actually taken some of my shoes (we used to be the same shoe size) when I finally grew out of them (I think I'm at least two sizes bigger than her now).

    I have a few things handed down from my deceased dad, and a few more from my stepfather. One of my favorite polo shirts is vintage, and comes from my stepfather (he has't been able to fit in it for at least twenty five or thirty years).

  9. Soooo lovely!!! Not the same, but my sister (who is 3 years younger) wore my junior prom dress to her junior prom!

  10. It's such a gorgeous dress. I know my mum's wedding dress is hiding somewhere in the cupboard for me, but I'm not sure I fancy the 80s/90s puff sleeves...

  11. that's such a lovely dress!
    i always go through my mom's and aunts' closets.. best mall ever! :P

    I'm glad I found your blog through the IFB Links a La Mode. Very lovely post!


  12. LOVE it!! The belt is the perfect touch! I adore going in my mom's closet to find goodies :-).

  13. Omigosh that's too cute hun! Your mama must be so proud :D I look back at old pics and my Moms was soooo stylin', but sadly had donated all her goodies to make room for her growing family (5 kids total!)...such a bummer when I think about where all those clothes went but I know I definitely got my fashion sense from her!

    Great post babe!
    From your fellow IFB'er this week ;D

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  14. You look gorgeous in your mum's dress!
    and oh yeah;) I wear not only Mum's clothes but also my Grandma's and my fiance's too... pity I could not get my grabby hands on my Dad's things. He was big! LOL

  15. I love that this is your mom's prom dress. Just shows how some trends live forever because it looks very up to date and stylish on you as it did on your mother. :D -C.C.

    ReFashion Statement

  16. I really like that dress, so elegant! simple yet absolutely glamorous. My mother never kept any of her old clothes, so sadly, I don't have much from her. I once stole a velvet jacket from her, and worn it through my teenage years until my twenties, so I finished killing the poor jacket :P

  17. You look wonderful! I really love that it's your mothers dress; family and fashion rocks ^^,

    Congrats on being included in LALM, I was too! :D

  18. I absolutely wore my mother's dresses, I actually wore them during the time she was also wearing them I loved her style (if you visit my blog the second picture of me in dark orange dress use to belong to her), I love your mom's picture I graduated in 1977 Yikes almost 35 years ago, and funny thing my dress is pretty similar to hers, I wish I still had mine :) Anyhow congratulations for being on Links A La Mode via IFB, I am now following you via GFC and look forward to continued reading!
    ♥ Noemi
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  19. wow still stylin' today- wish my mum kept her old clothes from back in the day

  20. You really look beautiful in that dress especially with the cool belt on. Thanks.