Trend to {heart}: Chevron striped rugs

One of my favorite trends right now is zig-zag style chevron stripes! They are currently showing up everywhere, from home design to stationery to clothing, and every time I see a stripe, I swoon a little. I'm particulary partial to the white and black or white and grey variety, but these stripes can also add a bright pop of color to a room when in a sunny shade like yellow or orange. I rounded up five of my current favorite styles to share. 

1. Chevron Stripe notepad, $6.75 on Etsy.  This little notepad (it's just slightly larger than a notecard) would be the perfect thing to keep in your pocketbook, and whip out when you need to jot down a little note or phone number. 
2. Monogrammed chevron stripe notecards, $16 for 10 on Etsy. These 5x7 flat notecards will certainly brighten the day of the recipient, and yours, too, while you write a quick thank you note! 
3. Jonathan Adler Chevron iPhone cover, $19.95. I recently switched from a Blackberry to the wonderful world of iPhones, and I'm loving this bright and cheerful cover- I think it would be nearly impossible to look at it without smiling!
4. Chevron stripe dress, $23 at Delia's. I love the white and coral color combo on this dress, which would make for the perfect swimsuit cover-up. At $23, it's a steal, to boot! 
5. Chevron rug, $79 on A chevron printed rug was what started my little love affair with  these stripes, and I think it's a fun, modern touch for a bedroom or living room! 


  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog! :)

    It's great you picked out paperware as well! I'm hooked on notebooks, I have more than I could fill! :)

  2. Madeline- I'm a sucker for a pretty notebook, but sometimes I don't write in them because they are TOO pretty! (Yes, I realize, I may have a problem!)

  3. I'm OBSESSED with Chevron stripes right now! So pretty.
    xo Josie