Jewel Box

When I moved to Virginia, I accidentally left all of my jewelry, save for a watch and a few earrings, in Phoenix. I was so excited to pull out all of my old favorites, so I decided I'd snap a few pics for the blog. I'm lucky to have had a great grandmother and grandmother with excellent (and eclectic) taste in jewelry- most of my favorite pieces were passed on from them! I've picked up a few gems of my own along the way, and I think that jewelry adds so much to an outfit! 

{bracelets, from L-R, grandmother's, Patina (gift from sister),
Marc by Marc Jacobs, grandmother's}
{earrings, clockwise from top: grandmother's,
gift from friend, gift from friend, and my college sorority (Chi Omega) badge/pin}
{Necklaces, Left to Right: Gift from MIL (Stella and Dot),
Pink necklace: H+M, Silver (inset) Grandmother's, Outside: Fetty of Brooklyn}
{shot to the heart necklace from the Fetty of Brooklyn}
{Rings, from L-R: Made Her Think, Ring made out of a clip on earring
from my great grandmother that my mom had made for me, gift from friend, Marc Jacobs}
{two pairs of earrings from my great-grandmother}
 What is your favorite piece of jewelry? 


  1. gorgeous! I love all the cuffs in the first image!

    xo Sahra

  2. Love that YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME necklace.