Get the Look: Duchess Kate

On Friday morning, I was one of the 24 million crazy Americans that got up at an ungodly hour to watch the royal wedding. And as the weekend unfolded, I read lots of articles about every detail of the wedding, which involved  a lot of new and old pictures of Kate Middleton. In every single photo, over the period of the nine or so years she dated Prince William, she always looked pulled together, poised, and beautiful. I've assembled a little list of how to get her hair, makeup, and style, right here! 

Hair: When I watched the press conference announcing Kate and William's engagement, I was a little mesmerized by Kate's perfect, bouncy, shiny locks. To get her look, you need to have healthy hair, so use a deep conditioner once a week or so to maintain hair health. Kate has been rumored to use Kerastase hair products, but if those are a little pricey for your non-princess budget, try drugstore volumizers and shine spray. A helpful hint to get that extra "bounce" at the bottom of the hair: when blowing your hair out with a round brush, turn the brush vertical (parallel to the side of your face), blast heat on the hair, then slowly turn the brush down (like you would a curling iron) to let the hair out. If you happen to have thinner hair, but still want to have "Kate" hair, try using some clip in extensions- they will boost up the volume! 

Beauty: Kate is a natural beauty, and she definitely has a defined beauty look that she turns to again and again. Her flawless skin is a great canvas, and she doesn't seem to use extra-heavy foundation. Find a skincare regime that works for you, and stick to it. To get her look, you may need a touch of self tanner, and as for makeup, stick to a tinted moisturizer, a pinkish blush, bronzer, black eyeliner (Kate wears hers around her whole eye), mascara, and a nude or light pink lip. For both her engagement press conference and her wedding, she wore very light paleish pink nail polish. To get the exact shade from the wedding, try Essie's Allure polish.

Style: Kate's fashion style could be summed up in one word: classic. Because of her position, she tends to wear more conservative clothing than the average 20-something, but her look suits both her title and her body. A bonus for us non-princesses, Kate often wears "high street" or cheaper/non-designer clothing, which makes some of her looks completely accessible.  Kate is often spotted in Issa brand dresses (see purple dress below), and Issa is known for their silk jersey dresses, which Kate is a fan of. She frequently wears British designers, who seem to instantly sell out of whatever she's most recently worn. She tends to keep her shoulders covered (with the exception of formal dresses), and almost always chooses something nipped in at the waist. I've picked out three examples of what I think are Kate-style dresses for you to get the look! She was actually spotted in the exact center dress (with a cute black blazer over it, leaving Buckingham Palace, the morning after the wedding! 

Issa, $685
BCBG, $160

Zara, $90


  1. I loved this writeup on Kate! She is flawless and I agree that her hair is TDF :) Just followed your lovely blog!