I know that Nooks, Kindles, iPads, etc., are the books of the future, and how they're super convenient, especially for travel. But, I'm one of those people who like reading real, actual, paper books. I was at Barnes and Noble yesterday, picking one of those aforementioned actual books, and while I was waiting in the checkout line (which was 20 minutes long, which may have had something to do with my sudden interest in e-readers) I spotted this Jonathan Adler Nook cover, and I was all of a sudden wanting to buy one of those Nooks! . I'm a sucker for an ampersand. This cover alone is cute enough to potentially incite some Nook envy. For now though, I'm sticking to my real books. But someone who isn't old-fashioned should pick one of these up ASAP. Available online, for $29. 

Do you have an e-reader, or are you an old-fashioned reader? 


  1. I sooo want an e-reader! I am pretty certain that I want a kindle because they are the best for the sun. In addition, I would also like to get an ipad, but that is more for playing on the internet and watching netflix. Actually, if I had an ipad, I'm pretty certain I would forget to read ;)
    Paper books it is!