10 Summer Trip Essentials

School's out for the summer, and even if you aren't a student anymore, chances are, you've got at least one weekend getaway planned. I love traveling, but I always tend to over pack. In the interest of streamlining (and avoiding checked bag fees) I've come up with a list of essentials that absolutely MUST make it in the suitcase, especially if you're beach-bound! 

1. The cute summer dress. If you've got a fun dinner or party night planned, this dress will be perfect, but it could also double as the perfect thing to wear for lunch by the pool. (Above: J. Crew, $118)
2. Wedges. These sandals are the perfect way to dress up your summer dress, or make your legs look miles long when wearing just about anything! You could wear these to the pool, to dinner, and even for a little shopping trip. Well worth the suitcase "real estate." (Above: Forever 21, $25)
3. No summer suitcase is complete without the perfect swimsuit. Yes, most of us dread swimsuit shopping, but you'll be glad you spent the time looking when you have a suit you feel absolutely amazing in. (Above: J. Crew top, $48)
4. Denim shorts are a must have, for summer trips, and beyond. These are the perfect beach cover-up, but they would work equally as well for sightseeing! (Above, Gap, $49)
5. Sunglasses are a must, for both protecting your eyes, and so you can people watch without your fellow pool-goers realizing  you're spying! I've worn the same style of Ray-Bans for three years, but find whatever style shade fits you best! (Above: Ray-Ban, $119)
6. Sunscreen is an absolute must for any vacation, beach side or not. If you're going to be outside, do your skin a favor, and slather on the sunscreen. My personal favorite is Neutrogena. (Above, Neutrogena, $9)
7. The perfect t-shirt is an essential for the plane, or for covering up after you get a little too much sun. I love to stock up on inexpensive T's at the beginning of summer, so if they get ruined by sweat, sun, or a spilled drink, I don't feel bad about it! (Above: Forever 21, $4.50)
8. A lightweight jacket is necessary for covering up when night falls and temps drop, or in frigid air conditioning. You'll be glad you packet a denim jacket that can go with just about anything! (Above: Gap, $69)
9. Flat sandals or flip flops are definitely a vacation must-have. Your toes deserve a vacay, too! Wear them to the beach, to sight see, and even out to dinner, if your pair is cute enough! (Above, Target, $17)
10. A long skirt can make for a great beach cover-up, or pair it with wedges, heels, jewelry,and a cute top for a dramatic dinner ensemble! (Above: Topshop, $80)

What are your summer trip essentials? 


  1. LOVE the shoes and RayBans!! I have the New Wayfarer in black and LOVE them! I really want some tortoise ones now :)

  2. Fabulous list! I love the wedges :)

  3. Love what you put together here! Great colors with the red neutral and blue!

  4. I use the very same sunblock and I love it because it's sheer and light weight. Never hit the streets without it!

  5. Totally second you on everything! Actually never owned a maxi skirt before, but this season I think I'm already pretty much seduced to get one :) I already have most of the items in fact with the exception of the skirt and the wedges - looking for a pair now!

    By the way, just followed you. Please check out my blog too when you have a moment ;)


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