What I Wore: Bright White

There are certain pieces in my closet that I've had forever. Some of them are much worn favorites, others are things that I don't really wear much, but made it through closet cleaning after closet cleaning because I know that I'll "eventually" wear them. These white jeans are one of those items! I'm trying to mix up my wardrobe a bit and wear more of it- I tend to wear the same things, over and over. I've had these jeans since  my junior year (I think) of HIGH SCHOOL. Yeah, kind of nuts, right? I spotted a few pairs of white jeans in recent spring mags, so I decided to bust mine out again and wear them in a new way. I love how crisp and clean they look, and the bootcut shape is more flattering, which is always helpful when you're wearing a light color (since it's not as slimming as say, black). I definitely think I'll be sporting these a lot in the months to come- it's technically spring in Virginia, but it's still too cold for this Arizona girl to wear dresses and skirts without tights, but the white jeans make everything feel lighter and more spring-y! 

Jeans: Honestly, too old to remember where they are from,
 and the tag name is a brand I've never heard of,  Shirt:
American Eagle,
Sweater: Nordstrom, Belt: Uniqlo, Shoes: Soft,
Watch: Michael Kors

Do you have any white jeans? 


  1. I got a pair of slouchy white ripped jeans this year that I"m loving, but the clean bell bottom ones look great on you!

  2. I do have white jeans (probably from HS too!), but I rarely reach for them (dark colors are just so much easier to wear!). Like the pops of color!


  3. You look amazing in that outfit, way to rock those white pants! xo!