Searching for the Perfect Shoe

I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like the perfect simple wardrobe staples can be the hardest to find! With spring weather upon us, I've resumed my yearly hunt for the perfect sandal. What is the perfect sandal I'm in search of? Well, I'm glad you asked! I looked all last summer to no avail, so I'm trying again this year, with hopefully better luck. I'm searching for a basic black leather wedge that is fun and strappy, and with a manageable heel (somewhere between 3-4 inches). I love a super high heel as much as the next girl, but I'm looking for these shoes to be a little more wearable/walkable. While there are plenty of black wedges out there, I really am looking for a brown stacked wood sole in lieu of cork or espadrille, which makes this search a little tougher. And I don''t want to spend a ton, either, since summer sandals tend to die after a season or two. Here are my current faves right now (and Piperlime is having a sale, to boot)!

This pair, by Restricted, is my current front runner. It's cute, simple, and currently on sale for only $59 at Piperlime. I love the color of the wood, and fewer straps usually means fewer pinched toes, which is always a plus. It comes in right at 4 inches, and is a very classic look. 


I also really like this pair, $110 by Seychelles, also at Piperlime. It's a super funky take on the classic peep toe, and is 4 1/2 inches tall. It's a little tall and a little too covered for what I'm looking for, but I still really like it, nonetheless! Bonus: A lot of reviewers claim it is super-comfy! I always think it's a good idea to read reviews before you buy online, for what it's worth! 

Next, there is this super boho pair, $79 by Hive and Honey at Piperlime. Although my personal style isn't very hippie-chic, I'd reccomend this shoe for anyone that loves that look. The cutouts add a ton of interest, and the four and a half inches will boost you up! 

My second favorite pair in this roundup is this pair by Gap. It retails for $69, but currently has a promotion going on for 30% off any full priced item! So these are definitely a steal. The patent glams things up a bit, and the light colored wood is fun, too! The only downside is, Gap doesn't list the heel height of these guys! 

Which of these are your favorites? Help me pick! 


  1. My personal favorite is the Seychelles (they were in my post about wedges in nude!) but of the two that are your current front runners, I would go with Restriced pair. They seem a little more sophisticated and would pair well with a lot of different outfits!

  2. My vote definitely goes to the first pair by Restricted. They're really cute!

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  3. Seychelles - definitely. loooove them.

  4. Great shoes!!!! I love the second pair most!