Adventures in Domesticity: BBQ Chicken Pizza

OK, I'm going to be real honest here. Brett pretty much made this whole dinner. I just wanted to play with my new camera, so I took pictures while he cooked. So when I say "we" I pretty much mean "he". My friend Angela taught me how to make this super-easy pizza when I stayed with her this summer. Here's step by step instructions, along with a bunch of pictures (I'm still learning, I literally picked the camera up this afternoon, so bear with me while I learn!).

What you'll need:
Store bought pizza crust (we used the uncooked kind, not the Boboli type, and I used a gluten free crust, Brett made his with a regular Kroger brand crust found in the refrigerator section by the cheeses).
Fresh Cilantro (rinsed and chopped)
Fresh red onion (also chopped)
Jack Cheese (shredded)
Chopped and cooked chicken breast (we just cooked ours on the stove, or you can use a rotisserie chicken to eliminate this step)
Barbecue sauce (we used Stubb's Smokey Mesquite variety)

And here is the how-to:

Cook the chicken breasts on the stove top and cut into pieces

Get your crust ready! We cook ours on a pizza stone, but a cookie sheet totally works. 

Get your BBQ sauce ready! 

Smooth the sauce on, and sprinkle cheese on top

Add cilantro...

....and the red onions...

...and the chopped up chicken...

...and bake at however long the pizza crust directions say! Yum, delicious! 

And, a gratuitous ring shot since I'm learning to use the new camera!

Are you a fan of BBQ chicken pizza? Any new camera tips for me (I bought a Canon Rebel)? 


  1. Looks so good!! We are going to attempt ours again this week! Anddd... I'm jealous of your camera!

  2. 1. Pizza looks so YUM!
    2. Are you newly engaged? I'm new to your site but I like it so far.
    3. Check out my cute little giveaway - maybe add to your ring collection?

  3. Yum! And you did a great job with the foodie-blogger-type pics, too! ;)