The New Holidays

I love Christmas (honestly, I don't know many people that don't), and while I love traditional Christmas decorations as much as the next person, sometimes it's fun to blend the new in with the old. I was browsing West Elm today, and came across some decorations that could definitely become new favorites. Check out a few of my favorites below!

I swooned when I first saw this Mosaic Mirror Wreath, $34. I've never been one for traditional wreaths, I'm allergic to the "real deal" and the fakes never seem quite the same. But, I love this one, and honestly, I think it would look great up all year!

Everyone in my family has stockings that my Nana made for us, and there's no way I'd trade them for the world. But, I must admit, I have a slight stocking crush on these guys, $24. They kind of remind me of those awesome fur J. Crew vests, and, if I weren't so clumsy, I'd love to have all-white decor "when I grow up."

I'm not Jewish, but if I celebrated Hanukkah, I would love to have this Manzanita Menorah, $49. I think it's a really unique, modern twist on the classic look, but the branches are subtle enough that it's still semi-traditional.

Do you like these new versions of the classics, or do you stick to the tried-and-true when it comes to the holidays? 


  1. It's too early for Christmas, but I think we should get that menorah for Lyle.

  2. that wreath is amazing. love your blog - and i work in brooklyn! xoxox