What I Wore: My Fall Shorts

Yes, you read that title line right. I like to call these shorts my Fall shorts. You see, it is still in the 80s or 90s here. And everywhere else, people are starting to wear tweed, and flannel, and all sorts of cool weather goodness. So these shorts are tweed, but they are still shorts, which means I can wear them and pretend that I'm somewhere less sweltering. I wore this outfit to lunch with my mom for my birthday, and we had lunch on the patio at one of my favorite spots, Olive and Ivy. Although this top wasn't in my original Tucker for Target post, I saw it at my local store, and was immediately drawn to it. I've been wearing it a ton, and it's lightweight enough to wear, even though it's 3/4 sleeves! Maybe I'm a little pathetic for being obsessed with the weather cooling down, but I've found my ways to incorporate Fall trends that are still desert climate appropriate. 

Shorts: Gap, Top: Tucker for Target, Sunglasses: Ray Ban,  Ring: Made Her Think, Shoes: Soft

What are you wearing in this transition-to-fall period? 


  1. the tucker top looks lovely and i am obsessed with those shoes... are they super duper comfortable because their soft brand?

  2. Classic Case- yes, they are seriously some of the most comfortable shoes I own- I found them at Nordstrom Rack earlier this summer, and was surprised that they were so cute, even though I had always thought Soft was a "granny" brand. I probably wear them too much, but I can't help it!

  3. This shorts made your legs look beutifull :)
    Kisses from Brazil <3

  4. i have the same tucker for target blouse and i love it! great way to pair it with olive colored shorts.

  5. very cute Shorts! I wish the weather was hotter here! I'm tired of gray, foggy 40 degrees days! Ahh, but thats what you get for being in Switzerland!

    menina elegante

  6. I love the colors and pattern of your top, so chic!


  7. The shorts are real cute!