Neat Knickknacks

Whenever I look through design magazines, or even my friend's homes, I think that what sets the houses apart from each other the most is the little knickknacks that they have on their shelves. Obviously, people each have their own unique tastes in design, but I love to see what people choose to display on their shelves. I've rounded up a few of my favorite ideas of the moment, so check them out!

I love globes, and this may sound silly, but sometimes, the color schemes clash with the rest of the decor. With this world globe, $70, from Z Gallerie, that certainly won't be an issue! This definitely doesn't look like it belongs in a classroom. The monochromatic color scheme would look striking on a bookshelf, and I think it would be a great conversation-starter. 

This ceramic hand, $12, from Urban Outfitters would be the perfect way to display your pretty jewelry on a dresser, instead of hiding it away in a jewelry box. I think the whole idea of the ceramic hand "wearing" jewelry is just so cheeky and fun. Plus, you get to look at your jewelry, since you certainly can't wear all of it every day!

I've always thought trunks were so cool, for some reason. I love these CB2 metal trunks, $50+.   I'd stack them at the end of the bed and keep mementos in them, or leave them half opened with little treasures inside on a bookshelf or coffee table. I know these might now be for everyone, but I just find them really fun!  

Do you have any unusual knickknacks hanging around your house? 


  1. Trunks are cool; I just never know how to use them. Knick knacks? I guess I have some from my travels, but overall I am super quick to give things away/toss. Basically, if it's something extra that I have to dust, it goes.

    I love how you ask questions at the end of each post.

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  2. I love that globe!! I've always thought the same thing- globes are so neat and interesting but bright blue and green dont really match my rose/black/off white room! This one would be perfect..great find!


  3. An long animal horn (not real!) on my night stand and a mannequin.

  4. I like the ceramic hand! Such a great way to display rings.

  5. I have a collection of whimsies (small wade animal ornaments) which I display on a 1970's wot-not shelving unit.

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  6. Ooh, those trunks are great! I always need more storage--I wonder how they'd look as a coffee table?

  7. I love those trunks and that hand. I am an obsessive collector, so I completely feel you on needing a place to put them. My favourite pieces are a collection of vintage glasses that I use to store rings and earrings. I also love vintage hat boxes - I use them to store necklaces, fabric swatches and the like!