Loving Right Now: Boots No. 7 Facial Wipes

I know this is the second skincare review for the week, but this product is really that awesome! I saw that Rumi of Fashion Toast uses Boots No. 7 makeup removing wipes to clean her face, and she has great skin, so I decided to pop over to Target to pick some up. Boots is a U.K. brand that's over a hundred years old, and is only carried at Target (and on drugstore.com) in the US. I'm headed to Virginia this weekend to visit Brett, and I thought they would be good for the trip, so that I can use my precious liquid space in my TSA-approved ziplock for other things. Whenever I get a new beauty product, I can't wait to try it out! The day I tried these out, I had worn waterproof mascara, and a full face of makeup, and just one of these wipes took everything off, and didn't irritate my sensitive eyes! Best of all, my face actually felt clean. In the past, when I've tried wipes, I still wanted to rinse my face after, but not with these. And, the super amazing part: a pack of 30 is less than $7! A winner in my book!

Do you use face wipes, or do you do the water and sink thing? 


  1. i usually want to wash my face after using wipes, too. but i might try these for traveling! :)

  2. I should consider these for traveling! Normally I use Lush's coal face cleanser. But that isn't exactly travel friendly. It is AMAZING though.

    Love Grace.

  3. i use baby oil and tissue.
    super cheap.