Cheap Thrills: Jewelry Under $20

Some of my favorite pieces of jewelry are vintage or from the jewelry boxes of my mom or grandma. However, every now and then, I can't resist a new, fun addition to my jewelry box. I've found that sometimes, an inexpensive accessory can just brighten my day, without causing major damage to my wallet. Yes, sometimes, you can tell that jewelry is cheap, but other times, I think you could fool a friend into thinking you've dropped more than you did, if you pick the right pieces. Here are a few of my favorite picks of the moment:

I think that every girl needs a few funky cocktail rings in her jewelry box, and this ring, a steal at $5.80 from Forever 21, is a great way to start a collection. I love the vintage style, and it definitely looks a lot more expensive than it is! Plus, if you happen to sip one too many cocktails while wearing this ring, and it slips off, you won't feel bad about losing it!

This necklace, only $6.80 from Forever 21, looks like it is straight out of the J. Crew catalogue! I love the jumbo rhinestones, combined with the chains to kind of toughen it up a bit. This would look great with both jeans and a cocktail dress!

I love these delicate pave dome earrings, only $16 at Urban Outfitters. I think these would make the perfect everyday earring- they aren't too flashy that they will clash with anything you wear. I love the smoky stones mixed with the gold, and they are the perfect size, too!

Do you love inexpensive jewelry, or are you more of an "investment piece" girl? 


  1. I like to invest in a few amazing statment pieces that I will own forever and then purchase other fun accessories from places like forever21 / vintage stores that won't break the bank.

  2. I buy TOO much jewelry to own investment pieces! I want that necklace!

    Love Grace.

  3. I buy a mix of investment pieces (rings, necklaces, and earrings in sterling silver, gold vermeil, or gold) that will last a long time, and fun statement pieces from Forever 21. For cheap jewelry, I tend to favour plastic beads and textile components like ribbon or chiffon, since metallic cheap jewelry tarnishes too quickly after a few wears and usually can't be cleaned or salvaged.

  4. These pieces really do look straight out of a J. Crew catalogue...I love them all and considering I lose everything, I'm going to have to go buy them all now.


  5. That ring is to die for!

  6. love that necklace I was eying it last time I went !!! now that I see it here I wish I would have , great blog

    ps : new follower hope you can follow too

  7. great pics! i find myself picking out inexpensive jewelry, but hopefully one day i'll be able to get some investment pieces :)


  8. Great jewellery! I'm seeing it more and more around the blogs, and it reminds me just how pathetic my own jewellery collection actually is xxx

  9. The dome earrings are darling. I used to only have investment pieces (which meant I had next to nothing ...), but lately, I've told myself that it's totally "in" to have funky clunky jewelry that is fun and cheapy. It's not tacky to be sporting faux whatever these days.

    And yes, go Suns!!! :-)

    Call Me Ishmael

  10. I like staple pieces to be quality (real pearl necklace and earrings) but I love fun cheapies from places like F21! And I always find great jewelry on sale at Macy's : )


  11. Thanks for posting all of these, they all look way more expensive than $20! I may have to purchase those earrings. :)