What I Wore: Sweet and Striped

I finally found the perfect striped shirt last week at H&M, and I couldn't wait to wear it, even though it has long sleeves and it's hot outside. The reason why this particular top was perfect for me is because it has black instead of navy stripes, which means it matches a lot more in my wardrobe. I was going to meet a friend for dinner, and I decided nighttime would be the coolest time of day I could wear my new find. I pushed up the sleeves and put on my favorite American Apparel skirt (it is no longer on the website, but there are still plenty of options), to keep things as cool as possible. To accessorize, I added my Michael Kors strappy sandals, and a collar style necklace, also from H&M. The necklace is a pretty severe departure from my usual edgy jewelry, but it caught my eye as I was checking out, and couldn't resist.

Have you found the perfect striped shirt yet? Do you ever buy pieces that you wouldn't consider to be part of your usual personal style, like my new necklace? 


  1. I love your new necklace Brookelyn!! It is so cute!

  2. I love when you find a piece that you love and it's something you might not normally wear. It's so fun! Love the shirt and the necklace is awesome!

    much love,