What I Wore: Borrowed from the Boys

I recently was helping my dad shop for suits, and, in the process, clean out his closet. When I stumbled upon this vintage Oscar de la Renta  vest from a three piece suit, I nabbed it for myself! I paired the vest with a J.Crew tshirt with little rosettes covering the front, Seven jeans, and red peep toe pumps. I was going to meet some of my friends for dinner, and I still had my school bag  with me from earlier in the day, which is vintage Gucci. 

So, what do you think of my outfit? What do you wear when you go to dinner with friends after school or work? 


  1. Firstly I want to thank you for entering the giveaway dear. Good Luck

    Secondly, I would wear a sexy top and beautiful skirt to work but tone it down by not wearing or wearing simple accessories and a cardi or blazer to cover up. At night the blazer or cardi would come off and the accessories would go on.

    Love from Toronto, Canada