Vena Cava for Bloomingdales

One of my current favorite design duos is Vena Cava. They toe the line between being super edgy and very feminine, all at the same time. When I heard that they would be designing a collection for Aqua, which is Bloomingdale's in-house, smartly priced line, I was ecstatic. Although we don't have a Bloomie's in Phoenix, the line is available on the store's website, and I was definitely not disappointed with their Aqua endeavor.  One of the things the brand is best known for are their unique and hand-drawn patterns on the fabrics of their designs. However, that kind of workmanship comes at a high price that is decidedly outside of my student budget! Last summer, Vena Cava collaborated with Gap, and the khaki dress I picked up from that series is on heavy rotation during the summer months, so I was anxiously awaiting their latest partnership. For this round with Bloomingdale's, the designers stuck to a gorgeous black and dusty pink palette, for the most part. Below are my top three picks from the line!  Let me know what you think, and tell me if you will be purchasing anything! 

Accordion Pleat Skirt, $138
Triangle Print Dress, $158
 Print Silk Dress, $158


  1. I absolutely love the pink silk dress and the pleat skirt! Great post! I will definitely be checking this line out :)

    much love,