Velvet Touch

Velvet. When I hear that word, I instantly have flashbacks to the awful black velvet overalls I adored in fifth grade. So, with fear and trepidation, I'm going to try to give velvet the benefit of the doubt, and look for some fresher velvet pieces this fall. I must admit, it is a really festive fabric, and would be a comfortable way to dress up when the holidays near. Here are my three picks from around the web.

First, this panne velvet bell skirt, $78 from J. Crew. I like the weathered wood color, but I love the dark charcoal hue. I think this could be paired with anything from a blazer, white shirt, tights and ankle boots, to a  dressier look with sparkly shoes and a jewel tone top. 

Next, this gorgeous Madison Marcus blazer, $255 at Neiman Marcus. I'm in love with the soft grey color, and the belted waist would make it super slimming. I'd toss this over my favorite little black dress for Fall parties, and wear it to work with skinny black pants and pumps. 

Proving that velvet is a classic "trend" of sorts, this vintage (1920s) skinny black bow belt, $65 from My Vintage Wear is seriously sweet. This would be equally adorable over a cardigan with jeans as it would cinching your favorite cocktail dress. 

So, do you have any velvet horror stories? Will you be giving it another shot this fall?


  1. Burgundy velvet Limited Too dress. Need I say more? But that J.Crew skirt is JUST stunning enough that I may get over the horror.
    xo Josie

  2. Those are some really cute items. I have to admit that I too am not a fan of velvet. My family was a all about velvet in the 90's and the things they wore were scary. I will always associate velvet with ill fitting, ugly cocktail dresses and old lady coats.

  3. Josie- enough said. I feel your pain. ha!

    Mylife- I don't blame you, I think it'll take me some easing in to this trend, too.

  4. The texture of velvet is to my skin, what nails on a chalkboard is to my ears.

  5. i wore velvet dresses every year to homecoming dances! i loved em.