Tiny Treasures

I've previously documented my love for aggressive accessories, but lately, I've been craving more delicate jewelry to wear. While I think I'll always love big, bold pieces, sometimes, you just want to wear something a little more sweet. I recently discovered Catbird, a Brooklyn-based boutique that specializes in gorgeous jewelry and other gift type items. Fortunately for the rest of the country, Catbird has an amazing online shop, as well! They have some really creative, unique pieces, and a plethora of delicate items. Check out three of my favorites below.

These alphabet rings, $88, are pretty much perfection as far as tiny jewelry goes. There are plenty of options for alphabet rings floating around, but the scale of this particular version is what sets them apart.  You could wear these either on their own, or stacked to have initials or a different message. In addition to the letters of the alphabet, there is a tiny heart ring that is absolutely precious.

This super simple heart bracelet, $325, is dainty and sweet. I love the organic look of the heart- it isn't super defined or perfectly shaped. This would be a great option to wear on a daily basis, and would be the perfect gift for a loved one.

I love really unique jewelry, and I love a good cheap thrill (that doesn't look cheap!). This necklace is the best of both worlds. The magnifying lens necklace, a steal at $22, would be a great conversation starter. I love the long chain, and it would look great layered or on its own.

Would you wear any of these delicate pieces? Which is your favorite? 


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