Spa Sanctuary

This photo is from one of my favorite design sites, Design*Sponge. I've never really thought too much about a "dream bathroom", per se, but oh, my. I think this is it. I love the contrast between the minimalism of the vanity and sink and the luxe, gorgeous wire chandelier.

Do you know what your dream house looks like?


  1. love her site.
    shoot, just ab any house would be my dream house since i dont have one!

  2. My house would have lots of windows...natural light! Windows in the bathroom, ( I like having an open window open while showing it's nice!) Uhmmm hardwood floors, medium-dark, redish finish. NICE kitchen :) Green grass yard. HA idk what else.

  3. Oh, I LOVE that wire chandelier! So chic. My dream home would have to have loads of chandeliers; they're so decadent.
    xo Josie