What I Wore: Orange You Glad?

Orange is not one of my favorite colors. A couple years ago, I was looking for a dress to wear to a few bridal showers I had to go to, and I stumbled on this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress on Gilt Groupe, and I loved the unique back, so I ordered it. The color listed was "madras red," and I thought it would be a fun, bright color to wear. When it came to my house, it was orange. Not even close to red, madras or otherwise. But, I was strangely drawn to it, so I wore it to that shower, and its become a favorite of mine. I wore it most recently to dinner with my parents, and I had them snap a couple of pictures of it.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Dress, Vintage Jewelry, Soft Shoes


Details, details

Do you have any colors you won't wear? 


  1. I'm glad you kept the dress, and I hope you'll reconsider your affection for orange because it's actually a really flattering color on you! It looks great with your hair and skin tone.

  2. I love that orange on you, you look fantastic!
    I'll wear about any color, although some nudes wash me out.