Wardrobe Staple: Khaki Trench Coat

I feel a little hypocritical saying that a khaki trench is a wardrobe must-have, when, in fact, my wardrobe does not currently have this item. However, I have a perfect black waterproof version from Michael Kors, as well as a completely impractical sparkling white trench that has only been worn once. Let's just say I'm a little clumsy, and white isn't always a great idea for me to wear.

Anyways, back to the matter at hand. The khaki trench has always been, to me, a very sophisticated item that can instantly pull together a look. This is truly a season less item in most climates, and it looks just as good paired with a floaty dress for springtime storms as it does with chunky knits and boots in the Fall. In addition to being a staple that works for every age, the trench is available at every price point as well. Here are a few of my top picks of the moment:

The original, of course, would be the Burberry double-breasted trench, $795 at Saks. Originally worn by British military members, this style has obtained a cult following over the years, and it is frequently listed in magazines as an "investment piece." Buy it now, and wear it for the next 30 years- it'll pay itself off!

If you are looking for a more economical take on the trench, this Classic Trench, $88 at the Gap, is a great bet. Obviously, it has taken a great deal of "inspiration" from the Burberry version, and this piece is every bit as classic as the original.

For those of us that live in warmer climates, this Ellen Tracy Hooded Trench, $80 (on sale!) at Nordstrom combines the classic style with a lighter approach. The hood on this version would make it perfect for summer storms that come on quickly, and the proportions are very slimming.

Do you have a khaki trench? Are you a trench fan, or do you prefer a less traditional style of outerwear?


  1. I was always hoping for a Burberry trench but I'm thinking that's not going to happen this year! The Gap one is really nice. The thing is trench coats don't last very long here. Winter comes too quickly and it's pretty much time for a parka! I will always be a fan of the trench though. A great buy, especially since camel is so huge this season! Nice post!

    much love,