Tick, tock

Here's a random factoid about me: I adore clocks. Yes, as in time-telling devices. Someday, when I have a big-kid place of my own, I want to have a wall with multiple clocks hanging on it. Does that make me strange? I'd like to look at it as more of a...quirk. Anyways, here are my top three favorite clocks of the moment, from around the web.

I'd love to have this Pendulum Clock, $59, from CB2, hanging in my bedroom- it fits my color scheme perfectly, and I love the crisp, modern feel of it.

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) store is always a great source of design items, and this Ghost Clock, $160, does not disappoint. It is a modern twist on a classic clock design, and I love the almost creepy look of it.

This itty-bitty Cuckoo Clock, $14, at Urban Outfitters, is too cute to not include. About the size of a note card, this clock has a magnetic back, so you could hang it on your fridge, or anywhere else, too!

Which clock is your favorite? Is my clock wall idea quirky, or just plain weird?


  1. I really like this clock: http://www.sixdifferentways.com/?p=305