Red, White and Blue

I work in a very casual office environment, and I wore this outfit to work last week. This button down has become a favorite staple of mine since I purchased it at Uniqlo last summer in New York. The boyfriend fit is perfect, and the material is great for summertime because it is so lightweight.

(Styling note: if you feel like your shirt's buttons either look too buttoned up, or too low cut, use double stick tape between the buttonholes, and voila! Perfect fit. This also works for gaping between buttons.)

I made these cutoffs out of jeans I have had since high school, and the wedges were a $10 find at H&M.

Whenever I keep my outfit this simple, I always try and dress it up a little with accessories. I wore two leather bracelets and a ring from the Marc Jacobs accessories store and my trusty watch. Later, I also put on a chunky silver necklace that my mom found in her jewelry box.

I'm a huge fan of red lipstick. I feel like it is a great way to play with makeup a little bit, and it is great for days that you don't really feel like putting a ton of makeup on the rest of your face. This particular hue is from Lancome.

What are your favorite basics? Do you have a preferred red lipstick? I'm always on the lookout for new shades!


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